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Useful properties of hazelnut

How useful hazelnuts?

Nuts – a favorite delicacy of many people. And of all the nuts of the hazelnut is a favorite. This hazelnut experienced a great glaciation, in many countries it is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, defended the ancient people from the dark forces. Now its popularity is very high, especially in cooking, it is added to milk and dark chocolate. ice cream, milkshakes and other treats. However, the useful properties of hazelnut expression only in case of its nucleus to eat in solid form.

The use of hazelnut.

In 100 grams of hazelnuts contains 704 calories, what makes this nut a lot patelnie than milk. meat, fish and bread. But apart from high energy value properties of hazelnuts due to the fact that it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Using the same 100 grams of hazelnuts, your body gets about 280 mg of calcium, Continue reading

Breathing exercises for pneumonia

Breathing exercises for pneumonia

Breathing exercises are very effective in combating various ailments of man. In modern medicine, the widespread use of this Wellness treatment is observed in the treatment of pneumonia (lung inflammation). Breathing exercises for pneumonia is actively involved in complex treatment of patients immediately after removing the acute inflammatory process.

The advantages and disadvantages of respiratory gymnastics

Regular breathing exercises helps to recover weakened body of a person who

is sick with pneumonia. During a special breathing sessions happening purifying ventilation, an extra supply of human blood circulatory system with oxygen, improves lymph flow in the lungs, which consequently helps the pulmonary system of a person faster and easier to cope with the disease.

In addition, breathing exercises for pneumonia virtually eliminates the likelihood of developing severe complications of this disease that can manifest in the form of adhesions and the development of atelectasis Continue reading

Additional procedures when fasting

Additional procedures in the conduct of starvation

During fasting, it is necessary to carry out additional procedures that help the body will be free from toxins, facilitate the process of fasting, purposefully affect certain organs and systems. These include:

1. Enough physical activity during starvation and when you exit it. The majority of the authors of the method agree that physical activity is very necessary during the course of starvation. Any exercise leads to increased respiration, increased heart rate and, accordingly, to the best of cells with oxygen, carbon and nitrogen, which are widely used on hunger in

metabolic processes. The more we move, the more energy we feel during fasting. Noticed that the main loss of weight, especially after acidotic crisis, during the night, when we lie motionless and our exchange is at a minimum. In the daytime, even significant physical activity, virtually no reduce weight. In many clinics, Continue reading

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