Breathing exercises in yoga

Breathing exercises in yoga

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What are the breathing exercises in yoga?

Yogic breathing is deep controlled breathing, also called pranayama. In Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) “prana” means “energy” and “the pit” – “distribution of energy”

When we breathe we take in the oxygen needed for body functions. When we

exhale, we produce carbon dioxide, which is not needed by the body. Most of us make quick, shallow breaths, the use of which is less than that of deep breathing.

Pranayama is a technique which promotes proper breathing, which maintains the balance between inhaled useful oxygen and used carbon dioxide. Such exercises will help you take care of your health and the health of the child.

Is it possible to do yoga breathing exercises during pregnancy?

Pranayama is just one of many different breathing techniques in yoga. Although most of them are considered safe if you learn a new technique, it is better to do it with a qualified instructor.

To hold the breath during pregnancy is not recommended, as this may decrease the number of arriving to the baby of oxygen. Therefore, it is important to choose exercises.

Try not to make a deep, strong and quick breaths that put pressure on the stomach. This refers to the techniques of the so-called bottom breathing (bhastrika) and cleansing breath (kapalabhati). Such breathing can cause you the feeling of weakness and dizziness .

If you have asthma. heart disease or shortness of breath. consult your doctor before performing breathing exercises.

When you take deep breaths, listen to your body. Try to keep breathing was even and calm. Focus on the longitude of the exhalation, do not try inhaling and exhaling within a certain period of time.

It is better to follow the guidance of a qualified instructor, get the book or DVD.

What are the benefits of deep yogic breathing?

Experts consider yoga, deep breathing:

improves blood circulation, which is useful for you and the child;

increases the flow of oxygen required by your body and the body of the child;

helps cleanse the body;

relaxes and helps to relieve stress.

Breathing techniques of yoga can help you during childbirth. Having mastered a deep breath, you prepare for childbirth, since this technique teaches you to relax when you need it most. When you’re frightened, the body produces adrenaline, because this stops the production of oxytocin — the hormone that plays an important role in childbirth. Deep breathing will help you cope with pain during labor. Relaxation helps to save energy. Read our article about ways of breathing during childbirth. to find out more.

How to do yoga breathing exercises?

If you are a beginner, perform breathing exercises only with a qualified instructor. When you acquire the relevant skills, you will be able to do the exercises independently at home.

Best exercise to deep breathing for three or four hours after a meal or a couple of hours after a light snack.

Select a clean and peaceful place to practice. Well-ventilated room, where it’s not too hot and not too cold is ideal. If possible and weather conditions permit, you can do the exercises in the garden or Park.

Choose the most comfortable position for you of those that you showed the instructor. With the growth of the abdomen posture may become less comfortable for you, and you will need to pick up another.

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