The complex of exercises for morning exercises

Morning exercise and exercise for her

Gymnastics in the morning is very useful. It helps get rid of excess weight, tone muscles and extend our lives. However, we must remember that the exercises and training — are completely different things.

Essentially morning physical exercises — it’s an easy warm-up before working weekdays, which improves the flow of oxygen to the tissues, brain, internal organs and muscles, and helps to prepare for daily activity circulatory system.

During sleep, the body significantly decreased blood circulation, the lungs are narrowed, the nervous system is retarded, so load themselves seriously in strength training or running is not recommended, because the body is not yet ready for serious loads.

But after warming up, you can safely go to work though, at least in the gym.

So, we found that the main task of the morning exercise — to systematically improve the blood circulation in the body, which in itself speeds up the metabolism.

That is, if you the whole day after a workout will sit somewhere in the office, your body in the morning, still will not start accumulating calories, but on the contrary — will burn them. Especially for dieters.

Basic rules

Of course, ideally, it is better to do on a daily basis. Enough will be 15 minutes, but you can extend the duration to 30 minutes. If due to any circumstances do not go to daily, then do as often as you can. It is in any case better than nothing.

Exercise should strictly before Breakfast . however, before class be sure to drink at least one glass of water, so as not to overload after sleep heart — because the body for the night without water a few dehydrated.

By the way, fans of the morning Cup of coffee or tea can replace water with these drinks.

Now let’s talk about the intensity of movement when charging.

You should understand one simple thing: the colder the temperature outside, the less activity you need to begin exercising. For example, in summer you can start with a pulse of 100 beats per minute and raise the end up to 110, and in the winter — with 85. Accordingly, we should start with exercises of low intensity, gradually increasing then load.

Also remember that the main difference between a well-executed charge “serious” training is that upon completion you should not feel a hint of fatigue. If you are tired, then you should either reduce the length of lessons or make them less intense.

However, with all of the above the correct exercises in the morning — it’s not stretching and relaxation, so in the process of exercises you should feel that his breath quickened and my heart started beating faster. If after charging you plan to visit the gym, run or ride a bike, the workout should end at a higher heart rate than usual.

We now turn to another important moment — breathing.

Breaths should be deep . and breathing should be as breast and belly. This type of breathing will help to spread the “Packed” during light sleep, as well as increase the flow of oxygen in the blood, which in turn will allow you to burn more fat during the movement.

What is the advantage of home from professional crossfit workouts.

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Video with a set of exercises for morning exercises

12 minutes morning workout with coach Daria dance Lisichkin. Wake up your body without a Cup of strong coffee!

Alternative exercises for morning exercises of the five elements

We picked for you the most optimal exercises and explained correctly.

Best to start with pulling hands to the top, development of joints through rotation of the hands, turns the head. When pulling the arms and rotation of the head should not tilt the head back.

Optimal use of integrated exercises — such that “load” of all the muscle groups of the body. As an example, walk in place or on the Playground. Do not slouch and move your hands to the beat movement.

Also good lunges and squats. If squats don’t need too low to fall, try to keep the angle of the knee blunt and direct. Keep your knees (great on how to implement these elements, see the video above).

If your physical condition does not allow you to do push-UPS, simplify this exercise. The easiest and most common option is to do push-UPS with his hands against the wall. The farther to push the legs away from the wall, the harder it is to do exercise.

You can also connect to the charge dumbbells. But again, choose those exercises that involve many muscles. That is not just, for example, raise the dumbbells up and when lifting dumbbells do bending, squatting, etc.

But the press is better to leave in the evening . because these exercises improve blood circulation and flow of oxygen.

And another great option: charged with “units” which, in any spin, you will activate all the muscles. For example, the rotation of the Hoop, stretching expanders, bike riding, etc.

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