Occupational disease office workers

Occupational disease office workers

“Occupational diseases office workers” – such a term is not so long ago appeared in our medicine. Due to the fact that the number of office workers has increased dramatically the last two decades, doctors have been data about how office work affects our health.

According to statistics, up to 35% of white collar workers complain of the same malaise. Basically, it’s vision problems, headaches, spinal deformities, disorders of the digestive system, diseases of veins and chronic fatigue syndrome. All this is well explained by a sedentary,

stationary lifestyle (at least a third of the day we spend it sitting); a closed, poorly ventilated space; artificial lighting; constant work with the computer; poor nutrition and cold food etc. Add to this dusty cluttered Desk, long ago broken chair without armrest, permanent effect of the presence of colleagues to chat, and will be amazing how we all live and got off so easy, think of it just a nervous TIC.

What can be done

First, properly organize their workplace, working hours and not to forget to take breaks to warm up. At your workplace, in your space – everything should be easy and everything should be at hand. The technique should work, the furniture should be environmentally friendly, comfortable, with elements of customization.

Ultimately all this affects productivity. The state of each employee depends on the success of the company. Unable to work well and be emotionally in a normal state, when something interferes with or inhibits.

“Tunnel syndrome”, for example, appears from the fact that the hand with the mouse in the course of the working day is in the wrong position due to incorrect height of the table and chairs. Curvature of the back appear because of wrong posture. The trick is not only that you have to sit upright and your feet should reach the floor. This is not enough. Your back must be against the backrest, and the backrest is in its turn to have the curve of the back. The seat surface of the chair should also have the correct curvature and hardness/softness of the material. The seat surface, backrest and other elements of the chair should be semi-soft, non-slip, electriceyes and breathable coating that provides easy cleaning of dirt.

All elements of the chair should be able to “fit” – to stoop, climb – individually adjusted in height, angle of inclination of the back. Must have armrests. Ideally, we want a rocking chair to have the ability to change body position so that the muscles do not become numb. It is important to adjust the chair to your preferred height so that the feet do not just were on the floor, and so that between the calf and the thigh was straight angle. All adjustments must be lightweight and convenient so you can customize them with one hand, without rising from his chair. Necessarily the presence of wheels.

And all this should be considered at the stage of creating furniture. Doing this the scientists ergonomist. In the West the first developments in the standardization of office furniture for the staff of mental work began in 50-60-ies of the last century. In 1981 adopted the first international standard on Ergonomic design principles of operating systems”. Then the international Committee entered 23 countries. Standards have been created for employees of various professions: managers, doctors, programmers, etc. and etc. Each profession has developed two versions of standards for men and women.

Since ergonomic standards were developed and refined. Today furniture that would would be designed without consideration of ergonomics, is simply inconceivable. Unfortunately, in Russia, for obvious reasons, ergonomic, comfortable furniture came later, but at present, domestic manufacturers have adopted the experience of the Western colleagues and produce comfortable, healthy office furniture. This contributes to a request from employers who came to the obvious conclusion that to take care of their employees much more effective and easier than to pay hospital.

Proper organization of the workplace begins with a General space planning, furniture selection and its proper placement. It depends on many factors, primarily on the nature of the organization. And secondly, from the square of office space at all in the company, and the amount of space allotted to each employee in particular.

If the activity is linked to the provision of services, better every employee to allocate a place under the Cabinet. If it’s a call center or sales office, it is more logical to equip open space where jobs are fenced from each other by partitions. Office furniture is usually comfortable with curved tables. Large surface area of the desktop and the curved shape will allow the employee to keep all Essentials close at hand. Generally, the smaller the angles, the safer. The furniture should be made from environmentally friendly materials.

If you are too lazy to understand such subtleties, we recommend you find a ready, fully staffed office furniture cabinets in different fields.

For example, on the website of the company “Monolith” is not only office furniture in the office. computer tables, rocking chairs and office partitions, but there are whole offices for staff and for managers, taking into account the parameters of your premises. You can immediately find all the furniture you need and in the quantity needed – sale available both wholesale and retail. What is nice all the furniture from the manufacturer, i.e. do not have to pay.

And remember, if you don’t care about their employees, they will take care of anyone else. After all, the right choice of the workplace – a key factor in maintaining high performance and health of subordinates for years to come.

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