To quit Smoking and to save the previous figure is possible

Bad habits

What can help you quit Smoking?


Afraid of giving up Smoking for fear of gaining extra pounds? You are not alone. Fear of gaining weight is one of the main reasons why people are so reluctant to get rid of this habit. Those smokers who do decide to release

your body from nicotine, will only aggravate the situation with unnecessary worries about her figure, which, in turn, can have negative consequences.

However, quitting Smoking does not necessarily mean extra pounds on your body. And even if you have put on a little weight, get rid of two or three pounds is not particularly difficult. In the end, you should be able to set priorities: what is a few extra inches on your waist compared to your health?

Moreover, adds weight, not everyone, all depends on the person and the individual characteristics of the organism.

How to quit Smoking and not gain the weight?

According to Mac only 1/3 of people who quit Smoking, gain weight. The average weight gain is 2 to 4 kg. As a rule, it is usually almost imperceptible and does not affect your appearance. Remember that quit Smoking, you prolong your life. And not just prolong and add several HEALTHY years of life. And these few pounds – only a symbolic fee for your health.

We offer to your attention 8 ways that will help to overcome the habit and it will save you from extra pounds.

1.Avoid strict diets

The stopping of Smoking is in itself a stress factor, not to mention all sorts of exhausting diets. Scientists do not recommend to radically change your nutrition plan. Much better to add a few small but practical and easy to perform improvements. Many of these “innovations” in the diet is well known to anyone who has ever tried to diet or to keep yourself in good shape. In our case, are exactly the same rules. Most people gain weight when they consume more calories than you expend.

2.Healthy snack is always there

One of the reasons craving for cigarette based on the habit of “put” something in your mouth. In this case, if you start consuming foods high in fat or sugar, you will inevitably gain weight. To avoid such harmful incidents, always carry with you as some low-calorie / she makes sales, for example, sugar-free lollipops, carrot or sendereihe sticks, sweet pepper or sugarless gum. Studies have shown that not all of us can say “no” to his desire, especially if those desires are associated with hunger. In other words, it is about willpower. If you always have something to eat, you don’t have to check on the “strength” of your willpower when you have an acute sense of hunger.

3.Drink more water

The consumption of water before and after eating will help maintain the proper water balance in the body and will allow you to experience the feeling of fullness at the expense of fewer calories. Consumption of water will satisfy your need to get something to eat instead of cigarettes. A recent study showed that drinking cold water in small SIPS through a straw promotes the release of dopamine – the hormone that is responsible for good mood and helps relieve stress and tension, promoting a positive perception of reality.

4.Choose foods high in fiber

The results of many studies show that fiber has the property of “blunt the appetite and contributes to a longer feeling of fullness after eating. Insoluble fiber, once in the stomach, dissolves completely. Soluble, in contrast, slowly degradable in the small intestine, preventing the absorption of cholesterol. Whole grains, beans and vegetables are the main foods rich in fiber.

5.Consume foods rich in nutrients

In the calculations of calories, you can miss one important point, namely, providing the body with essential nutrients. In fact, some researchers argue that the lack of nutrients may be the main cause of overeating. Quit Smoking, choose foods that contain more nutrients, such as vegetables, nuts, beans or whole grains. Try to avoid foods high in calories (sweets). Replace the consumption of sugary drinks to beverages with artificial sweeteners or, better yet, drink carbonated water with (squeezed) juice of lemon or lime.

6.Use cookware small size

The larger the plate, the greater the likelihood that you’ll fill it up. Because most often we determine the extent of their portions, we often overeat without even noticing it. Researchers believe that people who eat from the dish of small size, consume less food and calories, respectively.

7.Workout, workout, workout

Physical activity burns calories and is a kind of distraction from the consumption of nicotine and abundant food. Sports also help relieve stress, which is especially important when you are trying to quit Smoking. You can increase the calories you burn due to the intensity or the duration of the training. However, in any case, training may not be a panacea. Even people who lead a healthy lifestyle to gain weight in the first months after quitting Smoking. According to scientific data sports activities help a person lose weight and maintain your body in good shape.

8.Talk to your doctor

If you want to quit Smoking, but you only stops the fear of gaining weight and gaining weight, talk with a specialist. Studies show that taking the drug against Smoking “Zyban” (bupropion) effectively reduces the craving for nicotine without further problems with excess weight. There are also other methods of dealing with nicotinesmoking, for example, plasters and chewing gum against Smoking. The doctor may also recommend a special training, which increases motivation to get rid of this harmful habit without side effects.

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