Yoga for men

Yoga for men

That might lead the average man to start doing yoga? It turns out that there are many, many reasons.

For example, health.There is a desire to pull myself together and to bring your body in order, but because of his injuries or casestudypopup health protivopokazaniya load in the gym or on the treadmill. To pay attention to yoga to help and the simple desire to get rid of constant stress and fatigue accumulated during the working days. And often the decision to try something new and exotic.

Fortunately, today a huge number of halls, schools and classes that teach this kind of Eastern gymnastics. But who attends these classes? Mostly women, but men are there to meet a very, very difficult, especially in Russia. Men, even fervently wishing to start doing yoga, stop on the way to his goal, knowing that will be in the hall only representative of a strong half of mankind. Will look big, clumsy Bumpkin, with little what happens.

From my own experience I will say, the fear goes away after the first 2–3 practice. Then comes the time to learn and grow, to get pleasure from practice.

Don’t be afraid to try!

It is not excluded that yoga does not suit you or will be you do not like. But definitely worth a try. Don’t be afraid to be awkward, “wood”, floppy – all started small, and you are no exception.

Better to start under the guidance of an experienced mentor!

Of course, it seems easier to watch instructional videos at home when you’re alone, notshy clubfoot, try asana. But with the yoga instructor training will go much faster and in the right direction, he will control all the movements, breathing and muscles of the body.

How to choose a yoga school?

First, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of exactly what offers this or that school, now in the big cities you will find a large number of schools “yoga”, but if one offers a classic Indian, the other can be called Chinese or Japanese gymnastics cherished the word “yoga” and thus attract new students.

Be careful and for instructors, it should be understood that if a person teaches yoga and aerobics, and belly dance, it may not be competent enough in all these matters, and teaches what was offered when applying for a job and sense from such an instructor will be small.

Choosing a class, consider the number of people in the group, there should be no more than 10-15 people, as long as the instructor can devote all the attention and the hall was designed for such a class.

Pick a group with a level of training appropriate to your. The level of your preparation will help you determine a yoga instructor for a trial lesson.

Dress comfortably.

Clothing should be simple, easy to move, made from natural fabrics. Knees and elbows whenever possible, keep open to monitor the performance of asanas according to the rules. Yoga classes are conducted barefoot, shoes are not necessary, even socks must be removed so as not to slip and quietly take a stable position.

Take your time!

Start exercising, should not rush to try to catch up and overtake in the flexibility and plasticity of the most advanced students of the school of yoga. Should listen to my body, to feel the limits and in any case not to do through the pain. All will come, but with time, be patient and have fun!

Most importantly in the classroom consistency!

This is another important point. Good results, high stress resistance and endurance come only to those who are engaged in systematically, without breaks, without sudden increases in loads.

Try and have fun with yoga!

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