A break between workouts

A break between workouts

Whatever you were not a sports fan, there are moments when you need to take a break because of life situations, of injury or just to let muscles rest. Some terribly afraid, for fear of losing the achieved results, others think resting for a month or two, nothing will.

To tell you a long time, but sooner or later you will encounter this problem, so it doesn’t fool you, talk to you in detail – what processes occur in the body depending on the duration of the break.

Up to 10 days

If you missed 1 workout or a whole week, no horrible processes in the muscles is not going to happen. According to scientific data, changes in muscle fibers occur after 10 days without exercise.

Even more say in heavy physical exertion, the pass 1 week should be done 1-2 times a year for muscle recovery and improve further progression of loads .

Therefore, skipping workouts in this case, do not reduce your sporting achievements working weights and volume is not reduced.


After 10-20 days without the resumption of physical activity, begins the decline of the power of the results after about 20 days there is a decrease in muscle volume and strength endurance.

This is all the result of reduction of glycogen in the liver and muscles of the body. If exercise is over, so such a large amount of energy the body is also not necessary.

Break within 30 days, does not lead to irreversible changes, after 2 weeks of training you will return to the previous level . but working need a little weight to reduce and to increase them again.

From 2-3 months to a year

After the fall of the power performance, the volume of muscle and power endurance, change begins at the level of the nervous system, decreased muscle coordination, muscle tissue weaken even more.

The degree of impairment depends on the training experience, the one who is engaged in 10 more years, you will have less negative processes than those involved in 1-2 years.

All this is due to the fact that the muscles get used to physical activity, years of their firming and this protection is harder to destroy.

When you constantly train, it automatically produces the proper execution of movement, over time, this mechanism is forgotten and you have to learn all over again, again knowing the movement technique. All this distracts the muscle fibers from the final results, which is the growth, if they are actually taught to work correctly.

As they say, “experience does not spend on drink, so in my mind will know how to do the exercise correctly, it is only the power of thought to send in the needed direction.

So break this term, will reduce all your athletic performance, they can resume, but will have to start virtually from 0 . but again it all depends on the experience of training.

More than 1 year

Using black humor, I congratulate You, the deterioration of the performance will be no more, you’ve already lost almost everything . Good news, those who were engaged for years, the potential will remain at around 20% from the previous high, it all depends on how was practice, experience, food, lifestyle.

After such a long break, start training with a beginner level, working weight take minimum, re-learn the technique . otherwise if you take the same intensity and try to use the same working weights that were previously (although unlikely you’ll have them), the overtraining of the muscles and injuries are unavoidable.


Different can in life to happen, so short-term training for up to 10 days, will not affect your gains, up to 30 days, slightly reduce strength, endurance and muscle volume, but this should not be of a permanent nature, but as an emergency, an emergency measure.

More break, will have a negative impact on the fitness level, will kill all of your fruits of hard work and the more will be lazy, the more will worsen the situation. So practice regularly. avoiding mistakes in the gym .

Practice competently, do not cease for a long time to train and will always be in good shape, success!

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