Morning exercises for men exercises at home

The complex effective exercises for morning exercises men

It is known that for a harmonious life, a person needs to develop mentally, spiritually and physically. In recent years, as a result of mass computerization of the population the phenomenon of lack of exercise, more and more affects men and women, causing premature aging, excess weight and a whole bunch of diseases.

Experts believe that lack of physical activity reflects badly not only on

the health of the musculoskeletal system, but also badly affects other organs.

Determined that hospital bed rest for two months gives the fall athletic performance muscle mass in a quarter, they lose stamina, instead of the relief of the body appear swollen form with a large amount of subcutaneous fat. In the blood increases the value of cholesterol and other lipid elements.

The consequences of not exercising

Without exercise the muscles of the changes and status of the skeletal system, which does not receive adequate support. Reduced mineral saturation of bone tissue, calcium is excreted in large quantities, which leads to osteoporosis. A sedentary lifestyle prevents full absorption of calories, which is also processed into fat in the liver and posted in fat depots (men in the first place – on your belly). In the above-mentioned problems, there are problems with the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, the nervous system becomes more unstable and easily boring. To prevent early aging of all systems, you need daily and a full load the body physically.

In conditions of constant lack of time, a good option would be morning exercises for men. It allows to save time on visiting the sports center (still need to get through the tubes, which can be many hours in the major cities), not to spend money on purchasing a season ticket and special sports uniform you can engage in at home clothes). In addition, when a set of exercises, you can take a shower.

The time to carry out a set of morning exercises should be individualized. For example, on the biological clock high working capacity in humans is planned at 5-6 in the morning. In this period after sleep begins to rise blood pressure, the heart works harder. 15-20 minutes daily activities need to carve out in the morning so that you can take a shower and it is desirable to wait until Breakfast 20-30 minutes (during this period it is possible to get ready for work), so the exercises were most effective.

So if men need to go to work at 8.30, we lift you want to assign to 6.10. Then, at 6.30, will be completed with morning exercises, to 7.00 am to shower, dress, prepare Breakfast, to 7.15 Breakfast and finish getting ready for the work. The bedtime you will need to do to 23 hours because the period witnessed a decline in activity, which provides a deep and healthy sleep.

How to start exercise in the morning at home?

Morning exercises should begin with a short walk (about half a minute). Then, depending on the condition of the body need to do a certain number of the following exercises:

Take a standing position, hands facing down, feet together. By show of hands alternately to put back one or the other leg.

Stand feet shoulder width apart. The arms extended. Rise on the toes of the feet to make the swing to the left foot to the right, placing right hand on left. Repeat the same with the other leg.

To stand, as in the first exercise. To perform a deep squat, placing both hands back to return to the starting position. The recommended amount of time – at least six.

Morning exercises should include complexes on the study of the lateral muscles of the trunk that allow the representative of the stronger sex to have an attractive torso. This is the aim of the fourth exercise. Starting position – as in point 1. Next you need to put one leg to the side, lifting the opposite arm and to make the slope to his outstretched leg. Second hand you can lay back. Repeat several times in both directions.

To put legs wide enough to put our hands down along the body. Then lean forward torso until nearly parallel to the floor, place hands down. Next, lift your hands in different directions and return back.

Put your feet together, pull your arms to the side. From this position squat, pulling sideways one and then the other leg alternately.

The second part of the complex

The above complex is designed for men of different ages with weak physical training. For permanent fulfillment and increasing the number of execution of each exercise you get a good Foundation for more complex and intense workouts that can keep on time in the same 20 minutes.

What can be difficult in exercise for men?

People with some physical training can start your exercise program with # 1-3 from the above selections. Then go to a difficult job, strengthening all the muscles of the body. For his performance from stand erect, arms hanging freely along the body, to do tilt forward. Then put the palms on the floor and do the steps hands forward to the position for pushups. Then walk the hands backwards, to stand erect, raise the arms upward. The fifth exercise of the above can be replaced by more vigorous in the form of circular movements of the two hands back and forth.

More advanced in physical training for men can turn and rotate from a sitting position into the rest position. You need to sit on the floor so that the legs were positioned freely apart, hands to put things back in focus. During inhalation the need to turn aside, to stand on one hand, straighten the body, the opposite hand is directed vertically upwards. To return to the initial position, to do the other way. Simple Bouncing on one place in the strong version can include elements of turns. To do this, after three jumps in one position for the fourth time need to jump at 90 or even 180 degrees. Such additions at first, you can perform only the minimum amount of time between them should rest 0,5-1 minute with deep breathing and relaxation.

There is also a set of exercises that you can do in the morning if you have slept or have no strength to stand up and to work on improving his physical form in the 6-7 o’clock in the morning. It can be performed on the work, it takes 5-6 minutes and is based on the hidden principles of gymnastics. Note that this set of exercises to perform better every hour for weight loss and maximum efficiency, or at least 5-6 times per day, morning to compensate for the omission.

You need to put your feet under the table so that the angle of bend of the knees approximately 90 degrees. 40 times you need to perform lifting socks.

The same provision requires 40 times simultaneously raise your heels. This prevents stagnation of blood flow in the legs, prevent varicose veins.

After that, you need the same amount of time to compress and decompress the gluteus muscles (prevention of hemorrhoids).

Next, we need to breath to push belly, and exhale to pull it back. To make at least 15 times.

Sit right. Move the blades to the center of the spine at least 40 times. Ensure that the shoulders didn’t move. This enables us to strengthen support for the spine, strengthen a number of muscles.

Bred hands, gently squeeze and unclench your fists 40 times. Eliminates tunnel syndrome

Turn your head from one shoulder to another 40-fold.

The same amount of time pulling the chin forward. The last 2 exercises relieve tightness in the shoulder girdle, improve blood flow to the brain.

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Morning exercises for men exercises at home
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