Fitness for doors

Fitness for doors

Summer heat makes us want to unbutton clothing business, is a keen desire to escape from the office walls in the sun, on the grass, the fresh air! Usual occupation in the walls favorite fitness clubs begin to seem boring, and they increasingly want to replace nature walks. But what if you combine the desire to get into the fresh air with exercise?

Outdoor fitness –

Alex Chernenko

a rapidly growing trend today in the fitness industry. Almost all the clubs in the warmer months I try to present to their beloved customers this option. By the way, the program at the gym since the days of the Soviet school had in its composition such classes. Just called they do not a beautiful English word, and furious “skiing” or “activity at the stadium. At their root, these lessons had proper aim is to add variety, add fresh air and, of course, to strengthen the growing body. Such training then and now produce excellent results. As the instructor of group programs Anastasia Plieva . master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, one of the leading coaches of the club Janinn Fitness . the variety of workouts is the key to a great result. So go ahead, on the street!

Outdoor fitness: breathe deeply

Anastasia Pliev

In addition to the desired volume, regularity of exercises and balanced diet for effective training is unusually important proper breathing. It is from him we get much-needed oxygen. He is one of the main components that help including actively burn hated us fat. So even if the training people are just used to hold their breath, their impact will be much less low than it could be. Of outdoor activities that will enrich our lungs a much larger amount of oxygen than in air-conditioned rooms of the clubs, where its content is naturally lower. Besides, on the street it is better absorbed. A new model of practice gives you the opportunity to make exercise more fun and dynamic.

Classes in the group, also under the watchful eye of a professional, will help to solve another problem. Who among us has not promised Monday to run in the morning, to ski or to start a regular pedal bike, spooling mileage around? And how many of us have been able to bring myself to realize these intentions? Naturally, when the classes are held by the group, the trainer monitors your attendance, intensity and the correct execution of exercises, in the end, to cope with their own laziness and easier to postpone sports “for later” is not obtained.

Solid benefit and nothing more

Fitness outdoors can be a strength or aerobic. Jogging on rough terrain, bike, rollers, yoga, tai Chi and Pilates classes – a set of classes is quite wide. “What is the advantage of outdoor-fitness: doing them, we do not use any additional equipment except your own body weight, of the laws of physics, natural landscapes and some of the smaller fixtures. This brings the training to the natural environment and helps to become more tough and strong. While the classes can be comfortable for a person of any physical form, because the load regulates only he himself,” says Alex Chernenko . Manager of group programs Janinn Fitness management company Fitness Holding . certified trainer program CrossCore. Alex is one of the best in the business. In addition, he is an expert in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation. The athlete – prizes Russian and international fitness conventions, his opinion can be trusted easily.

One of the new areas of fitness, and yet very fashionable, and functional training using equipment CrossCore. This is a simple yet versatile and high-performance simulator allows you to turn into a fitness club anywhere around the globe.

All you need is to fix CrossCore at any elevation, and then, using only the weight of his body, to carry out training, comparable load with a session in the gym. And if you put the equipment in a backpack and clip it on the back, it becomes a burden that adds a load of aerobic exercise.

Many clubs arrange for their own clients hikes or trips outside the city on bicycles. Classes Outdoor fitness are usually held on the waterfront, in parks, and even on the roof of the club.

Put this on immediately

Equipment for street lessons is not much different from the normal sports uniforms. It is important to protect the head from direct sunlight. Well, if your headgear is light – in this case, it best reflects solar rays, and you will bake your head. Don’t forget about your own skin – use creams with UV protection, this must-have when playing outdoors, because when moving the tan sticks much faster. And do not wear too tight clothes in the hope that it would help to lose weight. Allow the body to breathe, it will be grateful for it only.

And of course, don’t forget to “mix” the activities in the club and outside it. After all, the main workload you will get there, where are the main equipment and the pool. And then all seven desired results from fitness – speed, strength, endurance, coordination, agility, balance and muscular – you provided!

Alexander Striga

Photo . Victor Novikov

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