Swimming in osteochondrosis of the benefits and features

Swimming in osteochondrosis


One of the most prevalent diseases of our time is osteochondrosis. Today it affects people from a young age, leading them to disability before reaching adulthood. Today, medicine offers a variety of ways of treatment of this disease, is no exception and swimming in osteochondrosis, which is one of the components of physical therapy.

It should be noted that the therapeutic and sports complex is one of the

most effective options of treatment. With its help it is possible to achieve much more positive results than with medical treatment. However, it should be said that this complex must be made by the treating specialist as a standalone treatment by gymnastics, and may well aggravate the situation.

It’s no secret that fast treatment involves the use of different methods, which together constitute a comprehensive treatment. In the case of osteochondrosis in the comprehensive treatment includes both traditional medication and treatment using various physical therapy methods. Thus, an important role plays in the treatment of physical therapy and different medical procedures. In the composition of the LFC apart kept swimming. (Cm. also: heart Pain in osteochondrosis )

The benefits of swimming

Highly trained specialists in the field of medicine are strongly recommended to include swimming in osteochondrosis of the spine in physical therapy. This is not surprising. Studies have shown that swimming against the spine has a much more powerful effect than different classes in the gym or outdoors. This is because water contributes much more to the free exercise than you can do on land. In addition, the water does not allow to make any sudden movements and facilitates smooth implementation of all activities.

It’s also worth noting that therapeutic exercises performed on land, means the impact on any particular region of the spine. It is very difficult in this case to use all the muscles, since this approach can contribute to the overload of the body. Swimming is different, because it involves all muscle groups, so the answer to the question, does swimming in osteochondrosis, is obvious. As a result of this treatment option is possible:

To tighten the muscles of the cervical region and back.

To stimulate the respiratory system, blood vessels and heart.

To raise energy levels, improve health and mood.

To stabilize the spine.

Stretch the spine, releasing pinched nerves.


Like many treatment options for various diseases, swimming in osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine and other parts has some contraindications. Should be attentive to this issue because neglecting them can cause severe back action, which will only increase the disease, bringing a lot of inconvenience. Treatment of swimming is unacceptable:

During the acute stage of the disease;

When severe manifestations of pain;

During diseases of cold or flu;

In the presence of heart failure;

In the presence of respiratory failure;

In the presence of skin diseases;

For violation of motor activity;

Activity disorders of the brain;

When the disease of epilepsy.

It is worth saying that those people who absolutely can not swim, swimming is not contraindicated, but rather spelled out. In this case, the water treatment is done with the use of swimming facilities, be it a circle or some other fixture. However, it is forbidden to use swimming vest. The use of cushions swimming recommended and people, good holding water and without additional tools.

With its help you can perform various exercises. So, it is recommended that some time to swim using only your feet, while the hands holding the pillow, and thereby not function. After a time, the posture changing cushion is mounted between the feet and the hands are freed and begin to produce a swimming motion. With the help of these simple exercises are easy to balance the shoulder girdle and lumbar.

Place to swim

Before you wonder how to swim properly in osteochondrosis, it is necessary first to define the site navigation and to choose the most suitable option. First of all, one should exclude the possibility of floating in open space, i.e. in open water. This is not only an environmental issue, but the presence of a current that even in the very small manifestation will require the patient load increases, which will affect the spine. (Cm. also: Capsicum plaster osteochondrosis )

In this case, it is best to give the preference to the pool, especially because in this case, the therapeutic classes can be conducted all year round regardless of weather conditions. The positive sides of the pool and are permissible environmental conditions, and availability of all the necessary fixtures, and the ability at any time to consult a specialist, who is always on duty in the pool. Such employees are always prompt, how to swim with cervical osteochondrosis or other of its manifestations.

By the way, you need to practice the water temperature should not be below 27°-30°C. after the start of classes, the water temperature is allowed below a previously established limit. However, it is unacceptable to reduce it to 23°C, as this temperature can harm.


Each swimming lesson must begin with some stretches that will warm up your muscles and enhance blood flow. The right kind of swimming in osteochondrosis is considered to be brass. In this case it allows the body to be accurately horizontal position, the arms and the whole body are in the water. It should be remembered that for cervical degenerative disc disease swimming is recommended at the back. This style allows a person to completely relax all the muscles. This version of the navigation can be used for osteochondrosis other areas of the spine.

The question how to swim in osteochondrosis, the important point is the complete absence of any sudden movements. In spite of everything, in the case of swimming, it is recommended to arrange more breaks, quietly lying in the water. Very well, if a person can lie on the water, then it is recommended to do as often as possible.

Equally important in the treatment of swimming has rhythm. In this case, the rhythm should be based on a deep breath and a sharp exhalation. It should be noted that the pool with this disease should become a habit, a visit should be performed at least 2 times a week. Each swimming session should be a little less than an hour, about 50 minutes.

One of the most essential exercises for degenerative disc disease is hung on the crossbar. However, to accomplish his will only a small percentage of patients. Through such exercises, the spine is extended, thereby increasing the intervertebral disc space and release pinched nerves. This exercise can be performed in the pool, and in this form it becomes available to anyone. It’s no secret that water reduces body weight, facilitating, performing any exercises.

In addition to the vis on the bar in the pool, the patient is encouraged to perform other useful exercises. These include leg swings or squats. The various movements of the hands and feet in water to produce a lot easier when the body is under enough load, and the movement itself does not injure the muscles, since they are made very smoothly, as required by the method of treatment of degenerative disc disease. However, before you carry out the exercises, the patient is recommended to consult with your doctor about exercises. He will determine exactly how from the available list that is valid for execution patients.

The pool at the set time according to the schedule, as well as strict adherence to physician’s instructions, will for a short time to achieve a positive result. Of course, what to expect full healing takes courage but to move the disease from a dead point is quite valid.

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