Workout strength and endurance

Workout strength and endurance

From the book “the Fitness Club”

This form of exercise stimulates the entire metabolism. Then your muscles and at rest consumes more power. With regular training you will become more and more workable in General.

Your basal metabolism increases, which means that in normal nutrition you slowly but continuously lose weight. Reason: training strength and endurance lead to an increase in the number of so-called mitochondria.

Mitochondria are components of the muscle cell in which body fat from the stock split and converted into energy. The increase in the number of mitochondria at the same time means increased basal metabolism.

Workout strength and endurance should also be long, but they vary in intensity, which is not necessarily the same. Allowed the intensity between 60% and, for a brief time, 92% of the maximum your heart rate.

For training strength and endurance the same good sports, and for aerobic exercise: Jogging, walking, Cycling, swimming, skiing, skating, step aerobics, slide aerobics, Aqua-aerobics. Ideal for training strength and endurance are also high-impact aerobics and dancing – whether classic or modern.

Training tips strength and endurance

Training with small weights is great for increasing strength and endurance. With dumbbells or at the gym – still.

The Council . who prefer individual may engage with a personal trainer.

Sports Studio or good sports community in order to train under the guidance of the instructor. Here, too, often work with additional proteosome type of small dumbbells, cuff-weights or rubber bands.

Horse riding is the perfect sport to strengthen the entire body and especially the muscles of the back. Regularly one hour in the saddle – and you will gain stamina and get a lot of pleasure.

Strength training

To improve the proportions of the body, strengthen muscle tissue and improve your overall metabolism – here are the opportunities that offers you a targeted training.

And not only that: strength training just give pleasure.

If during training the strength and endurance of muscle groups working at the same time, a long time, but only with an average load during strength training muscle groups fastreroute separately, for a short period of time, but very intense. This leads to the fact that some targeted strengthening muscles, and body proportions beneficial change.

Add to this the fact that strengthened the muscles consume more energy.

Important . Strength training can be conducted only with the additional resistance.

Tips how harmoniously to train

The workout plan is important for anyone practicing in the Studio or in the sporting community. Coach special education will teach you how to hold the shells and to monitor the posture.

Change exercises useful. So you won’t be bored all the time and wanted to try something new from time to time ask me to make you a new workout plan.

Imbalances always arise from uniformity of training. Make sure that your workouts always remain balanced, even if you miss some exercise.

The effect of adaptation and fitness

Who have felt the benefits of regular and targeted training, did not want to give them up.

The following list of positive effects could be extended:

Regular exercise improves the mobility of the body and coordination.

They lead to muscle build-up and increase maximum oxygen uptake. Related to this is the increased energobit, thus improving the operability.

Strengthens the immune system, and activates fat metabolism.

The body changes and externally: the muscles get stronger, the fabric tightened, and the whole figure straightened.

To achieve these positive effects, you should regularly move and more diverse training.

This means that aerobic endurance training, strength training and endurance and strength training in their alternation are the perfect option. Your muscles and cardiovascular system are in this case sufficient rest breaks to get used to the workouts and benefit from them.

By the way: you will achieve positive results quickly if the time will add something new.

This can be a new sport, or increase the duration in endurance training, or working with heavier weights during strength training.

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