How to choose a treadmill for doma

The guidelines for choosing a treadmill for home

1. Take into account driving force

As economy version for fitness at home is quite suitable mechanical treadmill, the driving force in which the athlete performs. The beginning of the movement “dispersed” of the fabric, and stop leads to inhibition of the track. Their main purpose – walking at a gradually accelerating rate, as set speed records on such a simulator is unlikely. Their economy – not the only advantage of the unit not less valuable and more quality – compactness and mobility, freeing up space in the

apartment at the time when the equipment is not needed for outdoor activities.

Display mechanical tracks outputs the values of the reached speed, exercise time, distance covered and calories burned. Such units can do all of whose weight does not exceed 100 kg.

One of the varieties of mechanical trainer – magnetic treadmill that has a built-in magnet for regulating the counter-blade. Since the muscle fibers tend to adapt to constant and constant loads, the presence of the lever allows you to vary the intensity while running, allows you to work around this problem.

Treadmill Torneo photo

The starting price for the mechanical class of simulators is from 7 thousand rubles.

The cost of electric treadmills starts from 11 thousand rubles, which pays off a number of advantages:

the moving force is the built-in electric motor, whose power is selected taking into account the weight of the user and frequency of the training process;

cushioning system reduces impact on joints;

adjustable angle of incline allows you to adjust the calories you burn, etc.

2. Select the motor power

Between motor power and performance of the treadmill can be traced directly proportional relationship: the higher the wattage, the more weight and greater intensity capable of withstanding such a device. To determine the optimal rate of capacity use a simple rule: to the weight of the athlete add 20 lbs. This will be the required rate for home gyms.

The power of the engine and indirectly determines the total price of the track, so a significant user weight or high intensity and frequency of training will require buying a more expensive model.

3. Take into account depreciation during the run

Cushioning system in electric treadmills helps to reduce the load on the leg joints. the “Advancement” this element affects the overall cost of the trainer: low-cost options are supplied flat strips of rubber, in the mid range models the shocks vary in degree of hardness, the most expensive modification can “boast” full suspension system.

4. Measure the length and width of the fabric

Indicators of comfort and safety training directly related to the dimensions of the canvas. For the selection of the simulator with the optimum length and width take into account the runner’s height: average growth of 175 cm comfortable running achievable on canvas with dimensions h see the Change in growth in one direction or another will cause the same change and the size of the device. This factor should be taken into account when choosing a place under stationary placement of the simulator.

5. Adjust the angle of the blade

To increase the degree of maturity of the gluteal muscles or burning more calories this option allows the simulator as the option of adjusting the angle of the blade. It can be presented in one of three options:

when the angle is unchanged;

changes of hilly surface by means of a lever;

computer control allows you to do a pause in the training process.

6. Appreciate the built-in exercise program

The presence of built-in programs tailored fitness goal (weight loss or endurance), – the prerogative of the electric treadmills. In this case, simply select the desired mode and forget about the constant time control, intensity, speed and other parameters classes – “smart” the machine will do everything for you.

7. Check the safety

Run or walk on the simulator can be accompanied by listening to music or watching movies, aided by anti-slip coating fabric and well-chosen dimensions of the track. Novice athletes should start training without additional distractions, to how to master the simulator.

In treadmills provided the so-called security key, one end of which is inserted into a special connector, and the second one attached by clip to the ammunition of the athlete. Leaving the track initiates separation of the clip that stops the blade.

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