Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is medicine for body and soul!

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is medicine for body and soul!

Flowing and graceful movements of tai Chi are not only fascinating, but also lead to the harmony of physical and spiritual state of a person.

This ancient Chinese practice of development of mind and body and includes a soft martial art, and a dynamic form of meditation, and a unique system of healing and rejuvenation.

A wonderful style of tai Chi available to all, regardless of age, sex and

state of health. Its harmonious, soft movements develop balance, concentration, awareness of movement and harmony of the senses. In this system exercises a person do not need to use physical force.

The execution of the form of tai Chi resembles a graceful dance, and smoothly flowing movement is like a slow flow of water.

Typical gymnastics alternation calm, slow steps with the tension and relaxation of muscles, and the constant transfer of the body from one foot to another contribute to the strengthening of many body systems. Indeed, in a spiral and arcuate movements of tai Chi at the same time, involving almost all parts of the body.

According to experts, Drevnie art of tai Chi can effectively help:

– to strengthen the muscles, tendons and joints;

– to improve the function of the body;

– to strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system (due to the slow movements of tai Chi is the study of each muscle and joint, which improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, increases the efficiency of the heart and blood vessels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis);

– increase flexibility and improve coordination of movements;

– to increase energy level and overall tone.

Tai JI contribute to the development of internal energy (qi) of the body, which is directly related to the condition.

“Fist of the great limit” – as translated from the Chinese name of this ancient practice, the inner essence of which is in constant interaction energy flows – Yang and Yin.

If a person has a free energy channels, the energy passes easily. In the case of the lock (as a result of stress, for example) the energy imbalance will break the balance of Yin and Yang, and this may lead to various diseases.

Tai Chi not only develops internal energy, but because of a certain alternation of poses and movements, promotes uniform distribution on the system of energy channels.

The exercise this exercise helps to relieve tension and stress, because all the exercises are performed in a relaxed state of the body, calm the rhythm of the breath and concentrated state of mind. The interaction of these three components – movement, breath and consciousness, leads to the restoration of energy balance and inner harmony.

Thus, proven a thousand years of Chinese practice masters gymnastics tai Chi helps to strengthen the physical body, and simultaneously develops energy and consciousness.

According to modern practitioners, regular practice of this unique recreational gymnastics allow them to preserve youth, health of body and cheerfulness of spirit.

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