How to run correctly and where to start

How to run correctly and where to start

Since running is one of the most natural kinds of traffic, but in our modern world people have become so distant from nature that has forgotten how to run properly, so most people learn to do this again.

People millions of years evolved, now our body was in perfect shape, and our feet have the perfect foot. Besides, who wants to start running, just need to learn how to use these tools.

Incidentally, the African runners who have excellent technique of running, a

child does not have shoes and learn to run barefoot. Now we can only admire the elegant style and efficient running technique these people.

Correct running technique, you will be able to run much faster, and you will learn to tread softly and will not receive injuries even on hard surfaces.

Correct running technique

How to hold hands

You should start with the hands, because those most newly runners forget. Maybe you’re thinking, why touch, when we run down? Answer: hands are an integral part of the human body, and the body – it is a system of levers, in which the feet and hands are the main tools, and balance movements will help to run easier and faster.

Often, beginning runners keep the hands near the chest and they almost don’t move or Vice versa, throw your hands down and much of them talking, all of it incredibly bothers to run correctly.

Another mistake beginners – this broad movements of the arms to the sides. You know, if your hands are hanging out on different sides, and the legs will begin to run smoothly, which means that your body ceases to obey you, and you will not be able to run fast.

The right moves:

Relax the muscles of the shoulders, not zaimites while Jogging, hold hands in a compact and close to the body, do not throw arms like ropes.

Collect the brush in a fist, keep them stress-free.

When running, your arms should be bent at the elbow at an acute angle, and work them along the body movements back and forth.

During the Mach hold the brush at the side near the lower ribs, as close as possible to the body. At maximum lift the brush should be at chest level.

While Jogging, try to work with my hands vigorously, this technique helps to run much faster.

How to move the body

Do not slouch during your workout, keep shoulders lowered, do not lean forward, as these actions shorten the step, then you will begin to stumble. While running, look at the horizon.

Remove from the body all the extra voltage should be tense only the muscles needed for running, the rest need to relax.

Try running smoothly, do not bounce. If you will be making big moves up, you will start to spend energy not only running, but also on jumping, which means you will quickly get tired and out of steam.

How to use your legs while running

The whole run is divided into the phase of expulsion, flight and landing.

During normal walking, there is no phase of flight, as you always touch the ground, and during the run, this phase is main.

Try to run in a straight line, not visite hips and spread legs on opposite sides.

Land is always on the forefoot, that is at the base of the fingers, with leg hold bent at the knee. Then lower the heel, go to the entire surface of the foot. This will allow you to properly run and provide excellent shock absorption.

And now, after landing, when the leg took the entire weight of your body starts pushing phase. Here, the foot must be as active as possible and increase the boost. After popping bend the leg at the knee, move the foot forward and lower it to the ground, after which the step is repeated.

While running, do not knock down, experienced athletes run completely silent.

Do not make long strides, better do more steps and more movement. The optimal frequency steps – it is 3-5 per second. Stride length also should depend on the running speed, because the harder you push, the farther you will go, respectively, to increase and step.

How to breathe correctly while running

Breathe through your mouth and nose. During the run in no circumstances it is impossible to talk, you break proper breathing.

Depending on your speed you will have a completely different frequency and depth of breathing. Explore your body and find the optimal rate of breathing, try to do more deep breath and a more rapid exhalation. If you have suddenly started to choke, immediately reduce speed and improve breathing.

Make your run was more productive, keep track of your movements and breathing. Try to always run alone, take a player and put your favorite music, your run will be more fun and easy.

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