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Elliptical machine — reviews. Is there a slimming effect?

Hello everyone!

If you are thinking of buying a treadmill for home, then you definitely heard about the “ellipsoids” — this type of exercise equipment in recent years has become one of the most popular and competes on a par with treadmills and exercise bikes.

This article contains reviews of people who already use elliptical trainers. Perhaps they will be useful for you and help determine the

choice of equipment for a home gym.

Elliptical trainer for weight loss – reviews on women’s forums.

When bought beginning for an hour walk, read a book parallel to or watched TV. After a week realized that the effect of such training zero. Scheme was changed occupations on the 2 times a day for 20 minutes without movies and books. As a result she lost 2 kg in 8 days.

3 months passed almost two hundred kilometers. Exercise 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes. Legs have become more attractive shape, butt is also defined (in volume has not increased, and became more “upright” :)). The weight to drop I don’t have to do for the muscles, and can say that the result is noticeable.

Ellipsoid – super! Two months now. The figure became slimmer, you receive relief. Losing weight quickly, although diet especially are not met, only after 6 mouth shut. A year ago my transport for a pregnant woman took, and now the clothes are all great. Great!

Train two weeks. For an hour every day approximately. Plus, doing press exercises or squat, or a hula Hoop twist. Meal: last meal not later than 6-7 hours, eat cereal mostly drink water about 1.5 liters.

The results are not impressive, but still noticeable, especially in the mirror. She lost 3 kg in total over the two weeks, but as we sing normally, per kilogram immediately become more…

I can too about your elliptical trainer to leave a review – weight loss is a good result, but need to try. When bought, began to engage in 20-30 minutes, especially regularly and abandoned, because the result was not.

About a year again started, but an hour + after 6 did not eat. After 14 days was less in size.

Will share their experience. Workout every 40 minutes – three weeks 5 pounds dropped and it is seen that the body pulled. Food, of course, also played a role – do not eat sweet, fatty and baking, try a high-protein diet.

By the way I advise you not to take cheap, can be used. We avito bought for 30, in which the store is 50 euros.

Elliptical trainer for home is great! Legs become beautiful and not pumped at all. If the diet is not to observe, but not to overeat (especially at night), the pounds slowly but go. But if a diet plug, slim figure waiting for you very soon

Elliptical trainer – reviews men.

I bought my wife, we used it as a hanger. But in bad weather helps me very much. The load on it is excellent, and thanks to the sensors is easy heart rate monitor. If you’re bored, the player and the TV .

Uncomfortable thing. The house had a lot of trainers, so I can compare. At all to do boring, so you need something to combine. Better suited for this bike – the head is not moving, because you can read and even for the laptop to work, if you adapt. On the “ellipse” is only the player and TV. Many choose it because in addition to the feet and shoulders are involved – didn’t notice anything.

If to consider in the future (all the trainers eventually become hangers), at first glance elliptical trainer seems to be a viable option as it pedals great, where to put anything. But no, they’re moving.

In General, in my opinion, much more interesting and more useful to jog or roller to drive from work to home than at the gym to do.

Use at home elliptical trainer and review, I have quite positive. Money spent is not a pity. Besides feet, the load is still on the body and some no. So as not to get bored, watch a movie while exercising. Use more in the winter when the bike is not ride and go for a run in cold weather is not hunting.

Several useful reviews of the ellipsoids.

I have a home elliptical trainer, bike and rowing.

On the bike my knees are sore sometimes, though do be wary, as the trauma was.

On the “ellipse” make load easier and gentle on the joints, and a lot of calories burned, because the whole body is involved.

Rowing me the easiest way, but her back hurts sometimes.

To me it seems dull because of a monotonous movement, I at the first opportunity replace it with group classes in the fitness center. But my boyfriend it deals almost every day and the result is, of course, noticeable.

I love it! After the treadmill, my knees sometimes ache, and after the “ellipse” this was never. For the year minus 10 kg, the truth is not only engaged, but definitely to his credit. Me and the instructor said that an elliptical trainer for weight loss is great.

Gave myself a New year consulted in Advance with the coach and the doctor (I have back problems) and he and he approved of my choice. Because of all the exercise machines more muscles will use the least stress on the spine creates.

Girls, buy “ellipsoid”, he is super! Six months ago I read a sea of reviews on the elliptical trainer and took it for weight loss and cardio. Very satisfied!

I believe that this is the best option for home – works a lot of muscles and joint stress is minimal. And due to the different training programs it does not get boring (ski run or mountain to climb, etc.).

In my opinion, it is better to take at least 10 programs that the variety was more then less risk to drop classes due to boredom. I advise you not to buy the cheapest, if not t possible to buy new, look used. It seems every city has people who use ellipse as hangers and wish to sell it.

So, according to the reviews it can be concluded that the majority of users of elliptical trainers are satisfied with their purchases. Discontent they cause mostly people who prefer to workout in a gym or on the street.

It is understandable – I also think that any home trainer no substitute for a jog in the Park, a Bicycle or a session with a trainer in a gym. But if I had to choose a trainer for home use, I would have opted for “ellipsoid”.

Think I will need to collect more reviews about elliptical trainers specific models, but this is in a separate article. That’s it for today.

If you have experience of practice at “ellipses”, don’t forget to share them in the comments!

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