Good form for the summer training plan

Good shape for the summer: training plan

Everything in our world comes unexpectedly. Heating season, new year and summer. So we always are ready neither to the first nor to the second and none the third. But each time is very desperately trying to rectify the situation, thus contributing to the already hectic another dose of vanity. Therefore, the preparation of the body for the summer, we are going to talk now. A few days before the onset of autumn. In fact, we begin to prepare ourselves for the beach season is also autumn.

I can’t claim any objectivity in this matter. Because you never trained

the people to appear on the beaches. But in my life experience I know that begin such preparation is good, if in March. And often in may. Likewise my experience of fitness and basic knowledge to enable me to conclude that if in 12 months you want to devote to the preparation of only 3, this is too little .

Hypothetically it’s possible. Question the price that you pay. The article about the complex “300 ” was told the story of Gerard Butler, who was preparing to shoot in the same film. So here it is after the shooting took to his bed in the hospital, and then a few months could not train at all . Are you ready for this?

But most likely, nothing bad will happen. You just don’t achieve the desired shape, as they will not be able to train like a man, which is part of the job. But if some time you can, then just stop, due to the natural reactions of the nervous system.

Yes, some use all sorts of extreme methods to lose weight fast, for example. And they sometimes work too! But to get into your favorite jeans and take off those jeans on the beach is not the same thing . In the first case, you hide, and in the second show. I therefore advocate a high-quality and systematic training.

So we start in the fall. We have approximately 9 months, and undressing. And behind at least the summer and holidays with unlimited consumption of all sorts of Goodies and the violation mode. At the very least. With a maximum of a few years such ugliness. Therefore, we assume that we start training from scratch.

For myself, I break the training into 3 stages. Each of them drops out at certain times of the year. Let us examine them in more or less detail.

Step 1. Autumn. General physical preparation.

Task: to prepare your body for serious specific loads.

What’s important to understand. What we believe beautiful muscular body with a small content of subcutaneous fat. That is, it would be logical to assume that there will need to pump up the muscles and remove fat. But this is a specific load. To start it, we need to “warm up” the body. Like clay before molding. Why?

First, in order not to spoil your health . Preparing the body for a serious and often extreme stress that we need will be on the following steps should be implemented gradually. This will secure our systems (muscles, ligaments, joints and heart) from excessive shock and, as a consequence, injuries.

Secondly, in order to establish a habit of exercise. This is a very important point. Not important — you go into the gym or do Pilates at home. Need to adapt not only to the fact that the body will now be subjected to additional physical stress, but to generate a new schedule. Let relatives and friends also will get used to it. And it also took place more or less gradually. Not at the limit of their strength and capabilities.

Thirdly, to improve the effectiveness of the following stages. Regardless of your current state (the gain you weight or shortfall), the means of its improvement will be the one to train. First of all, whoever you are, you need to establish the metabolism in the body and go from minus to zero. Thin at this stage will podrebarac muscle and burn fat a good portion of fat. To turn from the average person in sports will be easier. Yes and own advantages and disadvantages will be seen better. That will adjust the work in the following steps, choose the right training schemes.

At this stage I recommend you to choose training programs for beginners. With a smooth entrance into the training process. And without an explicit emphasis on muscle building or fat burning.

All of these programs are designed for about 3 months. And is suitable for our tasks.

Step 2. Winter. A set of muscle mass

Goal: hypertrophy of muscle fibers. Wrote clever words, so that the task differed somehow from the name of the stage. Generally it’s the same thing.

Even if you are a girl with overweight, then I would not advise you to neglect this stage. Beautiful ass, legs, chest and the rest is muscle. Instead of bones covered with skin.

Moreover, the volume of the muscles is very important for fat burning . The fact that the muscles require large amounts of energy for their content. That is, the bigger your muscles, the faster your metabolism. The athlete burns fat much more effectively than the average person, other things being equal exercise. Even at rest (lying on the couch) it burns SEVERAL TIMES more calories than a person with an underdeveloped muscle fibers.

Do not be afraid to build too much muscle! This is a topic for another article, but will say a few words. Be afraid to increase a lot of muscle is still that fear dramatically to become a millionaire. Fell asleep and woke up super-rich! How awful… to build up more or less decent muscular bodybuilder, people spend years of time and tons of money on food, additives and chemicals. It is men who have no special problems with testosterone. Women certainly have to jump above the head. With natural training for healthy men a good indicator of growth is 3-5 pounds of muscle in a year! So don’t be afraid of becoming TOO muscular. As too rich. Although the money you can get an inheritance or win the lottery. With muscles that will never happen!

And winter is the most pleasant time for a set of muscles. In the winter we don’t move at all – the less time you spend on the street. Thus we eat less fresh fruit and vegetables, but most of all cereals and high-calorie preparations. That is, we will-will not accumulated energy, which is simply a sin not to follow the muscle growth.

For the purposes of this stage, we can approach any of the following methods:

I also plan to write a program to set the masses in the framework of the “Right home ”.

Step 3. Spring. Fat burning

Task: getting rid of excess weight.

Now all literate. Sit on the fitness sites, reading articles and watching TV famous athletes. And heard the word “drying”. Now. Our fat burning is not “drying”.

“ Drying” – is the training of professional athletes to compete. At this stage they get rid of not only fat, but also from the water (and with it all the nutrients can be deduced), and even certain amounts of muscles in order to win the competitions. Thus they feel no better. And, of course, not spend their lives in “dried” state. It’s just bad, and not always looks nice. It is a sport and sacrifice.

We also need to remove the excess, and not to be like a living textbook on anatomy . So means we will be less extreme. Yes and we have enough time. So we only need to do two things:

To reduce the diet. Here it is useful to review the following articles: “How to count calories and PFC ”, “Lucid food ” and “How to eat less ”

Start to move more.

In fact, you can lose weight just by adjusting the diet. The effectiveness of special programs to help you lose weight (where much attention is paid not so much power, how much cardio and interval training) is often questioned by the supporters of a purely strength training. But I don’t see anything bad in that we train not only the strength, but also endurance. Yes and will make the diversity in their own training process . In any case it is useful!

By the way, with a good figure endurance in the summer, Oh how you can be useful!

And here is a small selection of programs fitness activities at home, the focus of which is largely aimed at fat loss:

Specified in this article, the scheme does not purport to be complete versatility. This largely depends not only on your personal problems at the moment (to lose weight or gain missing), but on your worldview, tastes and ideas about themselves tomorrow. But one thing is for sure. Preparations for the summer begins in the fall.

Dmitry Gudkov

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