Workout in the morning benefit or harm

Workout in the morning: benefit or harm?

I dread to think of the morning exercises in the summer camp and school physical education the first lesson? Eight in the morning, eyes open, hands do not move, all left feet and you’re driven to take the cross and Crouch until you’re blue. After this start the day feeling bad – heart pounding, and the sight of the blur circles.

Heart wakes up

– When we sleep, the blood circulates slowly and becomes thick, the heart is

resting and rarely knocks, ” explains fitness instructor Wellness Center L l’hirondelle, Revaz LUBENETS. Therefore, when rang the alarm, do not jump out of bed and do not rush to pull the shoes. “Wake” yourself gradually. Remember how behave wise cats and dogs when you Wake up? They are sweet stretch out, preparing your body for the exercise. Take an example from them. Opened his eyes, and stretch. First, open palms, fists clench. Extend your arms behind your head. And now: socks from yourself to yourself. Do light crunches – legs to the left and right hand. Only then will practices to one side, swung his legs out of bed and sit down.

Like Jogging? Go to the Park, the Park or get on the treadmill, not earlier than two hours after you get out of bed. Take my heart, don’t make it at a furious pace to pump heavy morning blood.

Early in the day – light loads only

The best option for the morning hours – easy 15-minute charging time. Knead and stretch all the muscles and joints. If visiting the fitness club is in the morning before work, let the training will be gentle. Work on machines with a minimum weight, go to water aerobics, Pilates, yoga or just take a swim in the pool. And exhausting strength training leave for the evening. Don’t forget that before morning classes, get plenty of rest – sleep at least 8 hours.

And Breakfast?

– In my opinion, before the morning workout is better not to eat, says expert “KP” and presenter on the TV channel “Home” Denis SEMENIKHIN. – Of course, only if you go into the hall an hour and a half after I Wake up. But be sure to drink a glass of water or isotonic drink (drink with low carb, which saturates the body with fluid and restores electrolyte balance). And immediately after training (within the hour) – Breakfast.

It is best to eat complex carbohydrates, that is, muesli, cereals or vegetables. They are useful to the body, give you energy and a feeling of satiety.

Remember, skipping Breakfast, your whole day will feel tired, overwhelmed, lethargic. In addition, the lack of morning “feed” slows the metabolism.

There is another problem. Usually those who start the day actively, wakes up your appetite. Do not be alarmed! This is normal. Eat regularly and in small portions. Before lunch, try to eat two times.

“This,” explains Denis Semenikhin, a sign that the metabolism activated and “wood” (that is, food. – Ed.) will burn without residue.

Workout early in the morning help lose weight

– From the point of view of accelerating the metabolism for the day ahead and a quick recovery there is no better time for exercise, in his book “Fitness – it’s easy!” said Denis SEMENIKHIN. – If you want to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, I prefer morning workouts and trying to build a routine to make them possible. You have not eaten all night, after waking up metabolism naturally is activated, and if the training to take place before Breakfast, the body will just be forced to use their energy reserves to produce energy.

Early classes

– You have not had time to get tired at work.

– The club is not very crowded.

After a gentle Wake-up workout and a cold shower in the morning you have the whole day will feel refreshed and cheerful.

– Even a simple complex will help for a few weeks to tighten muscles, to postroynet and improve complexion.


– Hard work for the heart.

– Build muscles and give the body a large load is not recommended.

– To sleep with a heavy barbell in the hands of the enemy does not want!

Workout early in the morning are not suitable for all. As a rule, to force myself to go to the gym at the crack of dawn only typical early riser.

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