Morning exercises a set of exercises

Morning exercises

You know, not so long ago I discovered a wonderful way to stay healthy practically all day. And the activity is so powerful that you won’t need one of 7 ways to motivate yourself to work. This method, to tell you the truth, I always knew and even tried to apply it. Prepare to bet that as a child you were forced to do it. Yes – it’s morning exercises.

Now and not count how many times I tried to force myself to start the day productively. But the brain and the subconscious mind was always smarter and bowed me to the dark side in sleep. Sometimes the excuses were so

delusional that if I was fully awake, just would laugh at them. However, in the morning I nothing remained but to accept them.

However, in the last months of 2011 I finally decided to get serious and started to implement in the daily habit of charging in the morning. The results were not so hot: after her day was even worse than if I did not do. But I did not refuse from this ritual, and began to look for a problem in my practice.

And I found it. My morning exercise was too aggressive, fast and heavy, with the result that I was overloading the body early in the morning. I tried to create difficult for the body to exercise – like Jogging or pull-UPS. Of course, better for it to become could not.

By method of trial and error I have compiled more or less appropriate exercises that really fills the body with strength and determination for the whole day. I think these exercises will suit almost anyone, as it does not require a large load. The benefits of morning exercise in that it accelerates the blood through the body and nourishes the cells with oxygen, thus leading your body in working condition, and keeps this state for a long time.

However, in December I was very little work on yourself. Including, I had to stop charging. I have to say – the contrast is very noticeable. If some time you do not notice the difference, then ceasing to do morning exercises, immediately feel a lack of energy. But it is always possible to regain?

Yesterday I started the experiment “healthy sleep for 30 days “. I believe that a healthy and nutritious morning must begin with charging. During the experiment I will use exactly those exercises that led down to once again to ensure their effectiveness. The goal of morning exercise not only make the body to Wake up, but to maintain this condition for the whole day.

Conducting morning exercises to better organize outdoors. If this is not possible, for example, if it’s winter :), it would do the usual, ventilated room. Fresh air, in my opinion – an indispensable attribute of this daily ritual.

Exercises for morning exercises

My morning physical exercises consists of three elements:

1. Warm-up;

2. Stretching exercises;

3. Strength exercises;

But notice, this is my plan of action. If you plan just need to Wake up and get your body in the procedure, you may want to concentrate only on the first element. Usually it’s enough for me, but I just decided to increase its flexibility and power.

By the way, I found a great video complex morning exercises. The guy’s all fine shows and tells, while not forgetting to smile. In General, positive. My workout program is similar, but slightly different. Take a look:

Below I present the complex morning exercises. Unfortunately, drawing exercises I can’t do, so you have to listen to the letters.

1. Warm neck. Rotations and tilts of the head. 4-6 reps in each direction;

2. Warm-up shoulders. Rotation in the shoulder joint and rotate hands full amplitude. 10 repetitions in each direction.

3. Warm up the elbows. Rotation at the elbow joint simultaneously and alternately. Also 10 repetitions.

4. Warm-up brushes. Hands into the lock and rotate until you feel that the ligaments were relaxed. You can then pull the fingers.

5. Warm up the torso. Jerks of hands, 10 reps. Turns to the side, 5 in each direction. Bending to the side, 5 times in each. The trunk rotation, 3 turns in each direction. The bending and deflection, 3 times.

6. The warm-up lap. Rotation in the knee joint 10 times in each direction.

7. Warm-up stop. Flexion of knee and foot rotation. 20 times with each leg.

As you can see, my set of exercises for internal charging is not that big. I have time to do for 7-15 minutes, depending on mood.

As for stretching, it usually boils down to three exercises:

1. Sitting, feet together, lean forward as far as possible and to keep;

2. Sitting, legs dissolve, lean forward as far as possible and to keep;

3. To do the splits as far as possible and keep;

Of course, before I do a deeper workout groin, using spins. This element is perfectly shown in the video above.

Well, the power section includes:

• Push-UPS;

• Squats;

• Press;

As long as you don’t feel you are getting tired. After that, I usually take a shower and all. Feel fresh and configured to work.

Lately more and more I look to the East for morning procedures. For example, I recently came across information about Taijiquan. Try to try, and this element in their experiment. The results, of course, unsubscribe. Don’t forget to subscribe to updates to not miss anything.

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