How to choose a good elliptical trainer for home

Should you buy an elliptical trainer?

Working on oneself is the most difficult and difficult. For example, to make your figure perfect, you need to move more and better sports. If you have no opportunity to attend classes, then buy the equipment and go home. Below will tell you all about elliptical trainers.

What is it?

Essentially elliptical trainer is a hybrid of the stepper and the treadmill. The first such machine was invented in 1995, and two years

later came the first home option. Almost immediately he won the hearts of millions and became popular among those who used to lead an active lifestyle and keep fit.

Which muscle groups work?

What muscles coached elliptical trainer? Almost everything. So, work the muscles of the hands, chest, abdominal, calf and thigh, and gluteal (and, incidentally, to engage in the normal process of training is very, very difficult). In General, doing, you will improve the entire figure as a whole and make clear to almost all parts of the body.

That will give training on this simulator?

What are the benefits of training on the elliptical trainer? Let’s list them:

As already noted, almost all muscle, but this is a huge plus. And during reverse will get the load gluteal muscles. which almost do not work during other exercises.

During training, the load on the joints is minimal, so diseases of the joints are not a contraindication. To do can almost everyone.

There are different training programs: for beginners, for experts, for professionals. So that everyone will find something suitable. In addition, the load can be increased and change, allowing you to achieve maximum results.

The exercises are very useful for weight loss. If not conducted regularly and combine with proper nutrition, you can get rid of extra pounds and greatly improve your figure.

Classes help to increase endurance and therefore improve health.

If you regularly engage in such simulator, you can greatly improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Thanks to the training improves circulation and blood flow to all organs and tissues, so that will normalize the functioning of important body systems. In addition, it will increase the flow of oxygen, which is also very important and useful.

Classes help to improve coordination.

Workout will allow you to get a charge of vivacity and energy.

You will be able to improve your mood.

Are there any contraindications?

All you can do on such a simulator? No, because there are some contraindications:

hypertension with frequent crises;

heart failure;

strong swelling;




bronchial asthma with frequent attacks;

a severe form of diabetes;


any infectious disease;

chronic diseases in the acute stage.

But in any case before you start exercising, consult your doctor. With the appearance of anxiety symptoms reduce load or discontinue lessons. Always monitor your health and check the condition.

How to make a choice?

How to choose an elliptical trainer for the home? Let us dwell on every important point.

Main types

For a start, here are the main types of such machines. There are three of them:

Mechanical trainer – the easiest and cheapest option. In effect he is using the power of the individual. The advantages of the simulator include independence from electricity and economy. But there are drawbacks: a lot of noise during training and the inability to adjust the load. In addition, the course will not be smooth for some (especially for beginners) is not very convenient. The cost will be about 4-10 thousand rubles.

Magnetic elliptical trainer has a braking system which is based on the action of the magnet. Such models operate without noise, very practical, durable and require the ability to adjust the load, and have a fairly smooth ride. The cost of this simulator is average, it can cost anywhere from 6 to 15 thousand rubles.

Perhaps the best option is an electromagnetic simulator. This model will be the most durable and comfortable. An integrated electronic system allows to set and control the load, as well as set the level of training, distance, time and other parameters and to determine the appropriate program. The price of such equipment is quite high and will depend on specific characteristics. On average, it ranges from 10 to 20 thousand rubles and more.

The configuration, size and weight

On average, Ellipticals weigh 80 to 100 pounds. This means that to move a subject from place to place does not work, so you need to prepare the space in the room.

Platform width is about 1 meter, length can reach 1.5 meters. Also it is worth considering the magnitude of the flywheel. In General, it is desirable to prepare a plot having dimensions 1. 5×2 meters.

There are folding models, which can be removed after every workout, but how long they will last, and the characteristics will yield. You can buy a trainer with wheels, they will allow him to move.


Here’s what else you should pay attention:

The trajectory and stride length. When a circular path will increase load, but for beginners, this option will not work. As for the length of the pitch, it should be average. Short pitch will not provide the required load, and too long is not very convenient.

The optimal distance between the pedals should be about 14-18 inches.

The resistance of the pedals. It is necessary, but should not be too high.

Additional features

An elliptical trainer can have some additional features:

The possibility of changing the inclination of the plane allows you to change the load CoE and work the muscles. But this feature is only available in expensive professional equipment.

The ability to control heart rate. This is necessary for those who have health problems.

The choice program.

The possibility to set time or distance.

Load control (electronic system will compare the specified and executed load).

A step counter and burn calories.

Making the final choice

To select the best trainer, it is best to test it in. Please refer to the store consultant for help and try to work out. You should be comfortable, but you should experience a considerable load, otherwise the training will not be effective.

How to train?

To determine the optimal program, it is better to seek the help of an experienced coach. But give some General tips:

Start with minimum loads and gradually increase.

During your workout, monitor your condition, keep critical increase in pulse, severe shortness of breath and dizziness.

Train every other day, i.e. 3 or 4 times a week.

Training should last about 30-40 minutes.

Always start the class with a five minute warm-up, it will warm up and prepare the muscles.

During class, try to keep caught up belly. This will allow to focus on the abdominal muscles and make it more of a relief.

Workout choose based on their biorhythms, but it is not necessary to carry out the lesson right after NAP or bedtime.

A good and effective training for you!

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