Drugs to increase endurance

Drugs to increase endurance

Any athlete understands that one of the important factors on the way to great achievements – the development of their endurance. Physicists the concept of endurance is defined as the ability to perform actions of a certain intensity for a specific period of time. Usually human endurance is limited to General fatigue, showing which load it is able to withstand, and how he developed the power of the spirit. If a person can withstand a certain pace of exercise, even when feeling tired, it testifies to his high stamina.

L-carnitine increases stamina

Often with the purpose of increasing endurance athletes use ancillary drugs. The most effective of permitted food additives – L-carnitine. Is an amino acid synthesized by the human body. In addition to direct performance enhancing drug yet and relieves fatigue, reduces pain, accelerates all recovery processes, effectively fights obesity and improves internal protein metabolism.

Testosterone as a means of improving endurance

Stanazolol – another common among athletes drug. It is produced in two forms – in tablets and injections. It is believed that tablets are more harmful and not as effective as they are filtered by the liver. Stanazolol is synthetically produced by the sexual hubbub – testosterone. The drug is used during preparation for a competition when training load is maximum. Having a relatively moderate hormonal properties, the drug is effective at a dose of 50 ml every 2 days.

For women the dosage should be reduced in 2-3 times, so that the drug did not lead to the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics in men (low voice, increased hair, etc). The use of Stanazolol beyond the training has no effect! But it should be remembered that the effect achieved with the use of the drug during peak training remains after you stop taking. The drug helps to reach their peak performance, to overcome the plateau effect, increase muscle mass and strength, increase aerobic endurance and motivation.

Other drugs to increase strength

PHENOTROPIL is a nootropic drug that has a direct impact on the integrative activity of the brain. Promotes memory consolidation, can instantly improve concentration and mental activity. Greatly facilitates the learning process, increasing the speed of information exchange between the hemispheres of the brain. The drug increases the resistance of the brain to hypoxia and toxic effects, has anxiolytic activity and anticonvulsant effect, regulates the activation of the Central nervous system, improves brain activity and mood.

CREATINE – widely used by athletes to increase overall muscle mass, increase endurance. Available as a sports nutritional Supplement in the form of tablets, powders and capsules, is part of many training facilities. designed to increase strength and muscle growth. On the sports nutrition market has about 20 forms of creatine. The most effective is creatine monohydrate.

MILDRONATE – efficacy of this drug by the athletes proved only at a dose of 1 Gy. 3 hours before the event. The drug dramatically increases efficiency in the exercises that are associated with a significant manifestation of physical endurance.

BEMITHYL – accelerates recovery and improves performance. Taken at 0.25 g. within 2 weeks or 0.5 oz. within 10 days. During the period of taking the drug recommended carbohydrate-rich diet. The maximum effect is achieved within 2 hours after taking the drug.

Overall physical endurance depends on the individual predisposition of each individual organism, but you can always try to develop. We must remember that during endurance training the body is important to get all useful substances. Proper nutrition and a set of individually selected exercises — a pledge of great athletic performance.

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