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How to run?


Training program

It’s no secret that running is one of the best kinds of physical activity. But how to run correctly?

In General I have about this greatly’t worry about it. Just ran for about an hour and everything.

But then read about what you need to control your heart rate, so he did not rise above 120(incidentally, I wonder whether it is necessary?)

It depends what results you expect from Jogging.

Can tell common.

1. Land on the forefoot, and then take the weight on the whole foot.

2. Put your foot ’s under” do not throw the foot forward.

3. No thump of feet on the ground, put a foot on the ground firmly, but gently.

To understand how to run landing on the toe, do this exercise:

Stand upright with your hands bend and start running in place.

You’re not going to Bang my heels on the ground, you’ll land on the toe.

Make 20 cross-country steps in place, then very slowly begin to move forward.

Gradually run faster, but try to land first on the sock.

Do not throw the foot forward, put a foot under him and make a start.

Landed on my foot from above, as it “surging” on it, make a start and move the other leg forward, as well negativities at her and pushes forward, and so on…

The motion should be uniform and continuous.


You should breathe through the nose and through the mouth.

Do not talk during the run, it destroys proper breathing.

Depending on the speed at which you run, you will have a different depth and frequency of breathing in relation to the steps. Learn your body and pick the optimum rate and depth of breathing. Try to do more deep exhalation and rapid inhalation.

The athlete should focus on what he does.

If you start to choke, reduce the running speed and improve breathing, everything should be in harmony.

Learn to feel your body, focus on the steps and breath, “behold” his body in running and you will feel the slightest change.


At high training loads need to monitor the recovery.

One of the best and easiest ways is to control your morning heart rate alone.

Measure the pulse in the morning as you woke up before climbing out of bed.

The pulse should be considered for one full minute.

First you need to know your average for three days, it will be your heart rate (heart beats) alone.

When you start Jogging, you will notice that your heart rate will start to decrease. This is a good indicator of the correct adaptation of the organism. Your heart and entire cardiovascular system begins to work more efficiently, and heart rate decreases.

Running is the best way to workout your heart and blood vessels !

However, if you have noticed an increase in morning heart rate of more than 10% this suggests that you regularly overload the body and he has no time to recover.

Increased resting heart rate may be caused by cold, emotional stress or a heavy training session held the day before.

In any case, this means that the load should be reduced or a lot of rest.

Warm-up is necessary in any case, regardless of the distance you intend to run.

During the warm up, you warm up the body and improve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, increase heart rate, increase respiration and increase blood circulation in the muscles.

Thus you prepare the body and provide enhanced supply of oxygen to the muscles before the load.

If you just run without a warm-up, you will feel how the muscles will clamp and become tight, they will be worse to respond to load faster and will get tired. In addition, it can cause pain after a workout.

If you workout without going to try to run fast, you can get the muscle spasm and ligament damage.

Thus, the aim of the warm-up – improving performance and preventing injuries.

Don’t be lazy, carefully stretch occasionally, then get some rest and start the workout.

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