Adaptation to physical loads

Adaptation to physical loads

Physical health can be improved in the process of the sport and by means of physical culture. And in that and in other case it will change, and all these changes will lead to three main:

— first of all, improve the physique, increase the amount of muscle mass, reduced amount of fat, change posture;

— secondly, improvement;

and thirdly, increase the level of physical fitness, pryobretaetsya endurance, speed and power quality, coordination ability and flexibility.

These changes, called adaptation, can occur under the influence of any exercise. There are three types of adaptive changes:

– short-term adaptation, the essence of which are adaptive changes in the human body during exercise or immediately after their completion;

– current adaptation, the indicator of which is the magnitude of the daily fluctuations in the level of the physical condition of man. Any stress (physical, mental) impact on the human condition. Even a healthy person feels the changes in his condition, the more noticeable they are people with different disabilities in health;

– sustainable adaptation, which is characterized by achievements in the physical condition of the person. If you periodically check yourself with the help of various tests, you can set the development of physical qualities. And their constant growth will reflect a sustainable adaptation to the load.

The effectiveness of these adaptive changes is determined by many factors. In the first place so how well matched training exercises. First of all they should be diverse in external form and differ simplicity of regulation training effects. But it is equally important that the exercises were fun to do, so they created a good mental attitude.

Of particular importance is proper planning of the load of each session is feasible for the student. Much depends on how coordinated sequence of activities. For example, the optimal would be that big load the first class will be compensated tonic effect of the second, etc.

The improvement of the human condition occurs in waves, and this waviness can be adjusted by choosing the optimal loads in weekly cycles, as well as in all other cycles of long duration.

These policies apply to all physical exercises, including exercises on flexibility and stretching, which are described in this book and is called “stretching”.

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