Use Swimming

The benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the few physical activities that has no limitations on age or status of the person. We all love to soak in warm water. Some people prefer open water, others prefer swimming in the indoor pools. But in any case, the benefits from swimming is invaluable. Swimming improves cardiovascular system. strengthens our muscles, improves the function of internal organs and our emotional state. Swimming is also productive

relieves stress, relaxes our body, relieves fatigue, improves elasticity of the skin. The resistance of the water acts like an experienced massage therapist – it works with all the muscle of our body.

Popular swimming because it does not require significant material costs. On summer days you can swim in the river, lake or sea. And in the winter in our indoor pools that you can visit at a convenient time. You only need to obtain permission from the health care provider and to grab a towel and bathing suit.

Because of distance and the positive effect of diving is extremely popular in all segments of the population. But health workers say more and therapeutic effect of swimming on a range of diseases. Water treatment and water activities provide a therapeutic effect in hypertension, back problems, back pain, varicose veins, pain in the joints.

Thanks to physical exercise, get in the water you’re bound to feel better, sleep better at night and be in a good mood. Besides all that swimming allows you to tone all the muscle groups that will have a positive impact on the figure. Because of the water resistance when swimming we spend more calories to overcome the much smaller distances than in air. That is why the fight against excess weight and lack of exercise is best carried out in an aqueous medium. An hour spent in the water, you can lose up to 500 calories. Cool water stimulates the increased movement of blood and acceleration of metabolic processes. Therefore, the excess fat reserves for water procedures reduced more effectively.

No matter what type of diving will you prefer – it can be a leisurely overcoming small distances or active workouts at the time. Any stay in the water has a beneficial effect on our body and gives rest to our spine.

Mankind has sought to water since ancient times. At first, people imitated animals that overcome water obstacles. Then began to actively use the water to move and exercise. The earliest cave paintings, which depict bathing people, scientists date back to 4000 years BC. Since then little has changed, if not to take into account the fashion for bathing suits. Moderate exercise that gets swimmer, useful and small children, and persons of very advanced age.

So how swimming relates to aerobic exercise – it reduces blood pressure and the heart becomes stronger. The blood moves through the vessels much more active and fed into the smallest capillaries, which helps our body to function fully. Moving in the water and we breathe evenly and deeply. The active oxygen enters the blood and nourishes every cell of our body.

In water we have an opportunity for a good stretch. Muscles, joints, and most importantly, the spine become more flexible. Smooth, rhythmic movements help to increase not the volume of our muscles and stretch them. Moderation load when sailing and water resistance relieves stress. When swimming practically there are no sudden shocks and jerks. The pressure on the joints and muscles is reduced. Not in vain for the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered physical injury, swimming is considered the most simple and effective way.

In addition to purely medical indications, it can be noted and psychological benefits of swimming. The child, from childhood accustomed to the water, not afraid to swim. This will undoubtedly have him in the future good service. At least he didn’t have to worry about complex and unpleasant situations with fording. Relax on the water and on the water is a great stress reliever. which tends to accumulate and cause of neurotic diseases. So, what are the benefits of swimming are many. Don’t deprive yourself of such pleasure, especially for people leading an active lifestyle is especially important. Sun, air and water – these are the three pillars supporting our health afloat. And swimming in the summer and contains these three components of health .

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