Fitness at the office

Fitness in the office

We want to offer you a range of exercises that can be performed even in the office. Fitness at the office may include several elements of breathing exercises that have been developed Shatalova, Strelnikova and Bodyflex.

Fitness at the office = industrial gymnastics?

Many years ago in the Soviet Union was mandatory for all office staff

production gymnastics. No one took her seriously, and in the memory of many people she still identified with the actions and charges of waste paper.

Then, in the country rushed American films about fitness in the office, which involved businessmen and business ladies. In films often flashed personal trainers, and various exercise machines placed right in the office. And the main characters of these films engaged in fitness in the office, wanting to show their graceful figure, which does not spoil even a sedentary job.

In our country the American idea of fitness in the office quickly picked up. Initially, the fitness was associated only with gyms, but later developed exercises for fitness at home. Not so long ago active development of fitness in the office.

Does this mean that industrial gymnastics returned after a few decades?

Fitness at the office – it’s better to workout in the workplace is not found

This warm-up in the workplace is able to save from the stagnation of blood, which often occurs with prolonged sitting in one place.

Fitness at the office is enough to be done 1 time per day. Would be enough for 15-20 minutes of exercise. It is recommended to do fitness exercises in the office at lunchtime. Don’t eat immediately after fitness – give your body to calm down before eating.

Another variant of implementation of the fitness center in the office. Ploughing perform simple exercises, for example, sitting at the table, knead the legs. Your employees go out on smoke breaks? Do not follow their example. Better to spend the fitness in the office. Can a couple of times to walk the stairs. If you are in the office alone – sit down a couple of times, make 2-3 tilt.

Fitness at the office. Restrictions

– do not perform intense exercise. Fitness at the office – it’s an easy warm-up

– do not make sudden swings his arms and legs, because you’re not in sports clothing that allows you to increase the range of motion.

Thus, fitness in the office. A few tips

Let’s warm up the legs, because they are very tired as when standing and sitting work, because for a long time without movement. Feet need a simple and necessary load – you walk. Once you have free time – go for a walk along the corridor. If you have to work long standing, often preminates from foot to foot. With prolonged sitting, do not put one leg over the other.

Sitting at the table, follow these simple fitness exercises in the office.

– “run” with the whole foot on the floor

– a couple of minutes tap some heels on the floor. This exercise will help “overclock” stagnant blood and lymph.

– sole try to roll on the floor a small cylindrical object. This can be a thick pencil.

– you can make as fitness in the office a light foot massage. Beginning with your feet, then climb above the knees, draw several circles on the knee, go to the hips.

Remember that you should not drink a lot of coffee, because it dilates the blood vessels. The same property has Smoking, it can impair blood circulation and extend the vessels.

Fitness at the office: improvised equipment

If your office does not have special equipment, do not worry. After all, how trainers can use a table, chair, even a bottle filled with water.

From desks and file cabinets can be wrung out at lunchtime. Better not to do push-UPS alone, but there are some of the same employees who care about their health.

The chair will go quite a ballet Barre. It is more convenient to do the exercises with chairs with high backrest.

Thick the book is also suitable for fitness in the office. Place them on the floor – and start separabit. Walk slowly.

In order to develop a beautiful walk, use dictionaries. Place it on your head and walk around the office.

Remember, even in the office you can do at the gym to improve their health.

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