Morning exercises for pohudeniya

Morning exercise for weight loss

Morning exercise for weight loss — it is a complex exercise. Knowing some rules related to this concept, we can ensure that the charging will bring not only an effective result, but also the fun of playing.

Morning exercise for weight loss: 3 rules to remember

Distinguish and not confuse the two definitions: physical exercise and morning exercises. The purpose of morning exercise is the elimination of the sleepy state of the organism, improving its tone, mood and quick

introduction to working condition. For strength training the body morning exercise is not suitable.

The ultimate purpose of charging is to eliminate stagnant after a night’s rest processes, the activation of vital functions and increased lymph and blood flow. All exercises should be designed for the development of breathing, flexibility and mobility, excluding those that develop endurance and strength.

During the morning exercises you can perform exercises in lying and sitting, including can start, while still in bed. Because the body after waking up has not really moved away from sleep, perform morning exercises is necessary so as not to cause fatigue. Morning exercise load and intensity should be significantly different from the daily set of exercises. All exercises should be done without harshness, at a slow pace.

Who needs a morning exercise for weight loss?

Of course, most women and men. All know that is struggling with excess weight physical activity, which to a greater or lesser extent have all, without exception. Then around why so many people suffering from its fullness? Because excess weight — and early aging, and a «bouquet» various diseases.

It is clear that many thin people get sick. But excessive fullness has always been perceived as something out of the ordinary, that’s why people are looking for methods to combat it. The best way — doing morning exercises for weight loss in combination with proper nutrition. Below we give just 4 exercises that will help reduce weight. Before implementation it is necessary to do warm-up, for example, jog for 20 minutes, and you can start.

Morning exercise for weight loss: perform the exercises correctly

1) Squat — this exercise can also serve as a warm-up. During squats the back should be straight and should not sit till the end, and so that the bent leg was 90 degrees. Sat down — stayed in this position for a short time. During squats the muscles should be tensed, while straightening — relaxed. Performing squats, you will not only strengthen the back muscles, but will remove fat deposits on the abdomen and legs.

Do this exercise at least 20 times. To get a more effective result, use extra load — dumbbells or a barbell. Squat perform with dumbbells, holding them in his outstretched hands down; hold the barbell on the shoulders, but the burden is better to use, if you have tried the exercise with her before.

2) With the help of this exercise, excess fat is removed from the buttocks, abdomen and sides. Is it on the floor, so get a plastic Mat. Need out of position, kneeling, sitting and standing alternately — right and left. In addition to reducing body fat from the sides and buttocks. belly reduced volume of hands. especially if you keep them in suspense. To improve balance during squats right clasp your hands together and pull them in the opposite direction, i.e. to the left and Vice versa.

Although this exercise may not be easy, but the result will be quite noticeable, because its implementation involves many muscles of the body. Keep your back straight and repeat at least 20 times for each side.

3) This exercise can do all dreaming of pull up the stomach and good press. For its implementation it is necessary to sit on the floor, having rested his hands on the back. Then you need to shift the focus on your heels and push up so that you keep on the body weight, and rested on the floor with hands and feet.

The position of the back and neck should be in line with the floor (parallel), legs from feet to knees to keep perpendicular to the floor. When done correctly train the arms, buttocks, back and, of course, the press.

4) the Purpose of the latter exercise — to pump up the muscles of the thighs (inner surfaces). Get down on your knees on a carpeted Mat to practice and rest against the floor with your hands. Head and neck should be in line with the floor. Next, you need to raise alternately bent at the knee of the leg to the side. The exercise is routed directly to the inner thigh muscles, although some part of the tension is transmitted throughout the body.

Perform at least 20 times for each leg and try not to wave, and to strain the leg. To improve the balancing is possible for the right leg to have a head left hand, and then change position.

Morning exercise for weight loss: running several approaches

In order to lose weight you need to train several approaches in a row. After completing all of the exercises with the required number of repetitions one after the other, you need to do all the exercises. The result was as quickly as possible, do these exercises at least three approaches-repeat.

Alternatively, each of the activities not to repeat in a circle, and immediately. For example, you have fully complied with the squat exercise, rest 20 seconds, did squats, rested and performed a third time.

This method of practice will be a little heavier.

Restore breathing and stretching with the help of specially chosen exercises — this is what must end exercise for losing weight that you do at home. Breakfast — after 60 minutes after school.

Charge for weight loss — this is a great opportunity to lose weight and adjust the figure. Just do not forget that the classes are supposed to add proper and healthy diet.


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