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Else since the ancient yogis was believed that proper breathing is able to cure many diseases. The proposed exercises are very effective, however, due to inaccuracies of the translation of some of the “pranayam”, sometimes it becomes difficult to properly perform the exercises and to achieve the desired effect. An alternative could be the methodology proposed by the Russian voice teacher A. N. Strelnikova.

Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova – author of a number of breathing exercises to combat diseases of the respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, neuroses, diabetes and many others. The owner of the patent “Method for treating diseases associated with loss of voice”.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova – a set of exercises the respiratory system based on forced inhalation through the nose. Some of the advantages of this technique are its simplicity and affordability. You can master it even without leaving your home, using a special video course or literature.

The rules of gymnastics

In order to start doing breathing exercises Strelnikova, you should pay attention to the following rules.

Learn how to “sniff”. For this purpose, as can actively draw the air through the nose. Sharp and energetic breath – the basis of the methodology.

Do random breath tests. Not Strachowice extra effort to exhaust oxygen. Try to exhale through your mouth and think of it as an integral component of the breath.

Perform exercises under the bill. This will allow you to keep the rhythm and to correctly perform the required elements.

Take a breath and simultaneously perform the movement.

The number of repetitions of the exercise must be a multiple of 4. This is because during exercise (3, 5 accounts need to expend significant physical effort.

Do the exercises in a good, cheerful mood. Do not force yourself to do something that causes you discomfort.

If all the rules are met, then proceed to run directly breathing exercises.


As with any exercise, breathing exercises Strelnikova should begin with a warm-up.

Warm-up begins with the ” pringgabaya “.

Standing in place, start doing short sharp breaths. Then add the step in place. With each step take a breath. Try to make the maximum possible number of breaths in a row, and after a series of inhale – exhale.

Move one foot forward and start shifting from foot to foot. Don’t forget to do active breaths at each step, and to exhale after each series. Making 12 series of 8 steps, get some rest.

Then do some squats on each leg separately, while maintaining the rhythm of the breath.

After finishing the warm-up, proceed to exercise.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova

The Exercise Of “Palms”

Turn your palms away from themselves and bend their elbows so that they were pointed straight down.

Start making sharp, noisy inhalations, squeezing with her hands in fists (sometimes this exercise called “Cams”).

Do 4 consecutive breaths, and then exhale. 3-4 seconds, relax and start a new series.

Follow 24 such series.

Exercise “Pogonici”

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Relax your shoulders, lift your head. Place your hands at waist level, clenching them into fists.

Inhaling sharply lower your arms down to the floor. Press the fists and riscoperta fingers. At this point the muscles of the forearms, hands and shoulders should be stretched.

Take a breath for 8 counts (1 episode)

Return to the starting position, breathing out slowly. 3-4 seconds, relax.

Exercise “Pump”

Stand with your legs as wide or wider than your shoulders. Shoulders down, arms along the body.

Start to inhale and slowly bend over, clutching a newspaper or imagining that you’re holding the handle from the pump. Remember that the breath should be noisy.

Follow the slope rhythmically on 8 accounts.

Do exhale and return to starting position. Relax for a couple of seconds.

Exercise “Cat”

Stand with your feet shoulder width. Shoulders relaxed, arms at your sides.

On the inhale, squat and simultaneously rotate body to the right. Arms should be slightly bent at the elbows, and the fingers in fists. Then repeat the same action to the left.

Exhalation occurs between turns.

Make 12 episodes x 8 squats-breaths.

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