How to stop drinking beer life sober

How to stop drinking beer: life sober

Beer alcoholism is a serious problem, since most people believe the use of this low-alcohol drink is the norm. If a person drinks a glass of quality beer on special occasions, not more than two or three times a year, this is hardly a serious problem. If the dose consumed alcohol above at times, and drinking became a daily ritual, we should seriously think about how to stop drinking beer.

The insidiousness of beer alcoholism is that a person becomes addicted absolutely not noticeable to himself. The first step on the path to

success is awareness of the problem. It is useful to mention what the consequences of a man who quit drinking beer.

The positive side of abstinence from alcohol

Cost savings. Undoubtedly, the man who quit drinking beer, saves their money, thereby increasing the material well-being.

Healthy, wholesome recreation. If people stopped drinking beer in the company, he learns to enjoy a sober holiday.

Improvement of health. Often beer companion is a morning headache. Quit drinking beer, get rid of habits – the consequences of malaise disappear by themselves.

Improved stamina. If a dependent quit drinking beer, it gradually cleanses your body of alcohol, loss of shortness of breath and physical activities are easier.

Lost sweating. Beer causes excess perspiration because of the alcohol.

Improved sleep. Night visiting the toilet and thirst disappears, a person is able to sleep properly.

Women lose weight, men have lost the “beer belly”. Very often in the reviews on the forums you can hear about how a woman threw a drink, and then easily lost.

This is not a complete list of benefits that are expected of a man when his life will disappear beer. However, in order to experience these and other consequences of a sober life, you need to have a clear idea about how to quit drinking beer. The recommendations on this account much, but a universal method does not exist. The main thing is to stick to your goals until then, until it is achieved.

To stop drinking beer at home: traditional recipes

Grey mushroom coprinus — an excellent remedy for alcohol dependence . The mushrooms are harvested, roasted in a skillet until complete evaporation of the liquid, then smash their powder. The taste of the mushrooms is very nice, reminiscent of mushrooms. I should add the powder to your food, then a few days to not drink alcohol. If you drink even a small amount of beer, the person begins palpitations, vomiting, diarrhea, disturbed vision. The symptoms disappear in a few hours, but the action is preserved mushrooms a couple of days.

Crayfish will help to stop drinking beer. Crawfish boil, peeled shells ground into powder. Add half a teaspoon of the powder 2-3 times a day for food. When drinking the beer of a drunk man begins to torment diarrhea and vomiting. The powder should be added to a complete aversion to beer.

Principal position and a clear setting

Method is good for strong spirit people. Beer is an alcoholic must realize how beer is ruining his life, and what consequences await him in the future: the destruction of the family, loss of health and work, external and internal degradation, cirrhosis of the liver. The list goes on. In order to change your life in a favorable direction, it is enough to stop drinking beer for once and for all.

Gradual refusal

If the first paragraph is too complex, and the probability of failure is high, then you can go the other, longer way. To get rid of dependence need to gradually reduce the dose of beer in your diet, adhere to the trends of decreasing strictly need. If a person has a habit of drinking 2 liters of beer every night, so the number should be reduced to liters, then to a small bottle, and then try to drink that amount every other day. Slowly but surely you can come to complete failure, is more loyal method in comparison with the first. In the first time to replace low-alcohol beer alcohol-free.

Replacement of the ritual

Many people are addicted to the habit of drinking beer is not because they like the taste of the drink, because drinking is their nightly ritual. It is difficult to change attitudes, especially if a person is comfortable with the situation, but the goal is the goal. At refusal of beer in the graph forms a “hole”, and it needs something to fill. Instead of drinking beer, you can drink fresh juice, or to organize a healthy snack, for example, have fruits or nuts. Even more useful exercise – the fitness club, swimming, yoga. First, you may be forced to overcome itself, but soon the body will thank former alcoholic tidal forces and vigorous appearance. Practice to fill free time weight is and massage, recreation, and dance classes, ice skating and much more. Life active person with a sober mind is much more interesting and multifaceted than worthless existence alcoholic.

Beer on holiday

Method which will help to get out of the beer “the swamp”, is a regulated drinking it. This method avoids strong psychological discomfort, because the dependent will think that he did not give up completely, and again drink of beer, for example, six months. During this time most people are able to appreciate the delights of soft living, and they don’t want to go back to drinking it. Worth mentioning is the drawback of the method. According to the doctors, difficult for alcoholics to drink beer only on holidays, as any dose of alcohol taken into the body, causes an imminent breakdown.

Financial incentives

A good motivation can serve as a reward. In order to get it, you need to get a piggy Bank intended for savings. Instead of drinking beer, you need to raise money. Six months later you can indulge in a pleasant purchase, which previously had no money.

Refer to specialists

Not all strong enough alone to stop drinking beer, without leaving home. Sometimes people need help, it’s not a shame, because at stake is prosperous and happy life. Experts will understand your problem and find the individual, effective method.

How to stop drinking beer: 10 useful tips

If you managed to recognize the problem, to enlist the support of loved ones and want to stop drinking beer, then it is 50% on the way to success. If a method does not give results, then do not despair, there is certainly another way. You must believe in yourself, and then get all our plans.

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