How to choose a treadmill

How to choose a treadmill

Workouts on treadmills – the most common way to get rid of excess weight. After all, running is privicy for humans load. While running, speeds up metabolism, burn fats and increase overall endurance.

Before you buy a treadmill, you must decide, mechanical You need a treadmill, or electric. What be determined, it is necessary to inquire,

what are their main differences, and how substantial it is.

Mechanical treadmill

In mechanical treadmill, treadmill belt rotates the leg muscles of a person. Such a movement is not very in line with the natural process of running on the ground, because human walking from a mechanical point of view is a series of controlled falls, allowing us to save energy. But Jogging or running track requires constant effort. The differences in mechanical treadmills can be in the system load tape. Magnetic braking system and load distribution, will allow you to feel more smooth running belt. Without the magnetic system, the smoothness will be somewhat disturbed and will arise periodically sharp slide and stop.

The main disadvantage of mechanical treadmills is the need to constantly make concentrated efforts not only by the force of the muscles, but also ligaments and joints. Therefore, motorized treadmill is not recommended for people suffering from problems with the knee joints, varicose veins, etc.

The main advantages of mechanical treadmills:

The power savings. (No motor);

A relatively large weight, compactness;


You can really give, leaving on the track.

The main disadvantages of mechanical treadmills:

The canvas is rotated by their own efforts, which creates a constant stress on the ligaments;

Typically, the minimum information about the heart rate, speed and distance;

Usually not available on-Board computer;

The lack of training programs for different levels of fitness.

Electric treadmill

Electric treadmills, as you might guess, working on the electric motor of low power, which drives the running belt. Typically, such lines are equipped with a higher quality fabric, more durable materials and an onboard computer. Electric treadmill provides a wide range of training programs for different levels of fitness.

So, what should pay attention when choosing electric treadmill:

The magnitude and power of the motor. If You are a big man, choose a motor with a capacity of at least 1.5 horsepower, with a constant load. Has the importance of the loudness of the motor.

DECA should be at least 2 inches thick. Should be strong and effectively damping steps.

The control program must be logical and clear, and the symbols on the display readable in motion.

Are there security. There should be a button or key emergency stop. If necessary, should be the protection of children.

Smooth start of the movement of the walking belt.

Comfortable the length of the walking belt should be more than 120 cm, width 45 cm

Does the presence of measuring heart rate and automatically adjusts the blade speed to maintain a normal heart rate.

Easy maintenance, warranty at least a year, and the minimum frequency of breakdowns.

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