Victoria Soboleva: “Fitness is not leisure, it’s a lifestyle”

Victoria SOBOLEVA was a member of Komsomol age, when he became a pioneer in small business. Managed to find the most fresh impetus, to develop a “gold mine”, to survive, and even become one of the most popular businesswoman. Now she is the Director of the Forum of healthy leisure “Fitness-Moscow-2007”, the Director of the fitness festival “F2” on the Cup of the mayor of Moscow, Director of the Moscow youth games “Olympic hopes”-2007/2008 for the Cup of mayor of Moscow. How it all began,

Victoria Soboleva told in interview to the correspondent “MB” Lilies of the KAMYSHEVAYA.

— You were one of the first cooperatives of Moscow. And during the continuous trading decided to open not store or wholesale outlet, and sports club. Why the sports business? It is much easier to organize something more traditional?

— I was a student. And when you’re young, perky, you have a lot of energy and effort, a desire to stand out, to organize something unusual, new and at the same time, very necessary and useful for people. The idea of creating a sports club came out of nowhere. By that time I already had some experience. I organized in two schools and the Palace of arts “Kuzminki” section of rhythmic gymnastics and dance. But I realized that can give children and parents a lot more organized health and fitness club, where people can not only exercise, but also get the advice of experts. In the process of preparing the documents revealed that you can’t create a club, and his own company — the co-op.

— How was the creation process of a business, who you help, tips, support?

“You know, even though it was new, unexpected, believe me. And supported me, 18-year-old girl, Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov. He then headed the Commission on labor and individual and cooperative activities.

It is today we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of small business, and even then the word was not well-known. I learned in the Volgograd district Executive Committee that could only be found at the city hall, was organized by the Commission on individual labor and cooperative activities. The working group of this Commission and I went.

Everything that happened within the walls of a fee, at first, seemed completely normal. In the great hall on the 6th floor, there are three — man Executive Secretary of the Commission Alexander Panin, Elena Baturina and Marina Emelianova. Girls talk with visitors, sorted paper, fit to Panin to sign something. Well, as the Dean. But gradually I began to realize that they perform, and brilliantly, absolutely not an ordinary job. Visitors — adults, held: business leaders, scientists, intellectuals — are asking these girls out of the Council, expecting that they will solve the issues, the answers to which do not exist in nature! Remember, in 1987, the business was an experiment, even the Law on cooperatives was adopted a year later. I still admire the professionalism, business acumen Elena and Marina, and I am not surprised that they both successfully run by large companies.

Then, at the first meeting of the Commission in June 1987, my co-op, first sports and fitness co-op in Moscow, as an exception, unanimously registered. I appeared in the city Council two months later. But the working group moved into the street Stankevich, as people at the reception came to that seen in its time the walls of the Moscow city Council simply could not withstand the influx.

Twenty years later, I remember with great nostalgia the wonderful atmosphere that prevailed on the street Stankevich. We didn’t go there to get some good, no, it was a club of like-minded people, where we discussed the problems, shared plans. The understanding and assistance, and selfless — it was the motto of the first cooperatives. We were a team, made common cause.

I’m probably still in the shower preserved bit of youthful enthusiasm, and it really helps in my current activities. It gives me great pleasure to see the happy faces of our children, to see how they are doing, monitor their achievements.

— In Moscow there are legends about how you came to ask for help from Yuri Mikhailovich.

Yeah, it was really quite funny. And such laughter I never heard of it. The walls of the Moscow city Council, where the Commission sat on cooperative activities led Luzhkov, shook him. The cause of merriment was me. Because literally fifteen minutes before the laughter in the hall went three old men, the youngest of which was far beyond ninety. Healers-healers went to register the cooperative “Youth”. The Commission consisted of educated people and because when old people smile kept.

But then I came along — the Chairman of sports and recreation cooperative. Young, beautiful, high heels, and was still only five centimeters taller chairs. “Who are you?” asked Luzhkov, sitting up a little to get a better view. “Gulliver”. The cooperative “Gulliver’s travels” — I proudly answered. And then he heard the laughter. And the walls shook. And so we started a new health and fitness to the direction of cooperative activities.

— Fitness business today promising?

— In the early 90s, a healthy lifestyle was associated with Bicycle equipment and a 25-metre pools. Now everything is different. Fitness needs to win not only the body but also the soul, and therefore appear in it Oriental features, a new philosophy. In turn, and fitness ceases to be leisure, becoming a way of life.

Start your own business with the organization of the sports club, the fitness club is very promising. People involved in the sport. He becomes an integral part of life. So, they are willing to pay for the organization of proper and healthy leisure, the new sports lifestyle.

While fitness is not only the clubs with swimming pools and saunas. You need to understand that fitness is a whole segment of the market. Fitness is and equipment, and food, and clothing. Many companies may find their place under the sun fitness.

— Business is not for you main goal in life?

I was very successful, and happily, everything turned out. I created a sports club “Gulliver’s travels” as dreamed of. It helped me believe in myself, which turned out to be one of the business too much. Therefore, no longer wanted to stay at one club I wanted to join many and make a great interesting event. So I decided to organize a fitness movement. I really love fitness and enjoy doing it. So there was a project of the exhibition-festival “Fitness-Moscow”, which is implemented with the support of the sport Department and the Department of support and development of small business of city of Moscow. Everyone who comes to the exhibition have the opportunity to participate in sample lessons and master classes, which are performed by the best professionals of the fitness clubs in the capital. It is this exhibition marked the beginning of a new mass sports movement, the children’s festival “F2”. Since 2006 in 200 schools there are classes with children who are selected and participate then in the Cup of the mayor of Moscow.

— Constant desire to spur you to think of all the new projects.

— on 3 November at Khodynka Moscow started youth games “Olympic hopes”. They became the successor to the fitness festival “F2” for the Cup of mayor of Moscow under the slogan “In every school sport with attitude!”

— Moscow government continues to help you?

— The government of Moscow, Department of support of small business have given us tremendous support. Personally, Yuri Luzhkov supports all initiatives related to healthy lifestyle, because to him they are not alien, the government also maintains an active lifestyle, the majority of people support public fitness initiative, particularly Olympic Champions. Sport is a great alternative to sitting in doorways and aimless pastime on the street. I’m sure of it.

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