How to breathe correctly during trenirovok

How to breathe during exercise?

Man is capable of much. His achievements, if you look at them from a more detached, just amazing. And it is not only about nanotechnology and advances in the field of genetic engineering, but also about their own records of man as a biological species, such that amaze others. We all have witnessed so many athletes blow warmer, and they burst. Ninety-year-old Japanese grannies blow tobagi, and gold bolts from them, flying fifty meters. Old grandfather for ten days Jogging covers the distance from Kirov to Moscow. A diver for pearls spends under water ten minutes, although by the end of this time, the oxygen in his blood remains so much

that he was already five times how to die.

How you achieve these results? How do people have such opportunities that are not available even to the wild animals, although they are mostly very much stronger and fitter person? The answer is simple. They and people like them in sports hypertrophied developed cardiovascular and pulmonary system. By tireless, Bezdenezhnykh training they came to surprising results, showing the world the possibilities of the human body. Yes, in many such cases, an important role is played by factors such as predisposition, talent, a comfortable residence, perfect heredity. But for the most part, a man’s success is 60% the cause of his labors. And only the remaining 40 – the influence of environment.

Actually people with a very developed lungs themselves rarely try to make any impression with their breathing capabilities. They are just great (or even good) live. However, there are some things you should know anyone who is leading a sports and active life. They will increase the volume of the lungs as quickly as possible, and will greatly facilitate the further implementation of the training process. Because of the volume of the lungs depends on how hardy we how quickly recovering from lung diseases and heavy training and how we are immune to such diseases as asthma or bronchitis.

While running, you should try to breathe so that the breath was accounted for by the first three or four steps, and exhale for the next three or four steps. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the breathing was extremely smooth, and if it strays or is it no longer “grab”, the pace should be reduced. Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth. All this is true for any other type of aerobic activity. Rhythmic, evenly breathing is the key to a strong light. And to make it most effective, running or similar exercise should last no less than half an hour at an average pace.

If we are talking about strength training, then it is essential to observe the following regimen. Whenever the flexion of the joints, any contraction of the muscles are expiratory. As with any straightening of the trunk or limbs – breath. If you show it on the example pushups, then when lowering the body on the floor is exhale when lifting the hands – breath. Many are mistaken and are doing the exact opposite.

This may be enough. However, if usual tracking accuracy of breath during any physical activity to add implementation specific breathing exercises: breath, qigong, yoga, lung capacity and strength of breathing can become fantastic.

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