Part six of Chapter eighth of Physical exertion

Part six Chapter eight: Physical activity

However, be aware that dynamic exercise produced in the supine position, cause a sharper rise in blood pressure than the same for gravity loads in a sitting or standing position. So lying can carry only light loads hands, feet, breathing exercises. Breathing exercises with hyperventilation and spend sitting. When conducting standing up may occur a rapid and marked reduction in blood pressure with deterioration of blood supply of the brain and loss of balance. Untrained or seriously ill prior to the appointment of therapeutic physical training involves massage. In further self-massage. This improves not only local but also General blood

circulation, has a beneficial reflex effect on the Central nervous system.

The importance of the psychological aspect of practice. There are new interests and relieves nervous tension. Treatment of arterial hypertension with the Buteyko method is too new.

They distract from the worries, sorrows and thoughts about diseases, contribute to uplift the spirit and create confidence in a favorable outcome of the disease. When conducting the exercise, especially at the beginning of the course, in addition to medical necessary self – and inter-control. It is impossible to prevent fatigue, symptoms of discomfort, especially in the heart, palpitations, breathlessness. You should stop the exercise when expressed blanching or redness of the face, sudden increased sweating, significant shortness of breath and a violation of his rhythm, unbalanced gait, uncoordinated movements, staggering, slow and inaccurate execution of a command (especially given low voice). Intense exercise should be alternated with walking or Spokoiny running.

When choosing the type of physical strain, its type, intensity and duration should be taken into account, in addition to medical indications, desires and taste of the patient, his individual interests: the load should be pleasant and satisfactory. Treatment of arterial hypertension with the Buteyko method also leaves a pleasant feeling..

Although competitive sports (tennis, volleyball, football) is more interesting and more efficiently, with arterial hypertension should be avoided because of the emotional tension and the threat of a rapid rise in blood pressure. Patients should avoid exercises with quick tilts and lifts the torso, since these exercises can be disturbed cerebral circulation. Not shown isometric load, especially with breath-holding and straining effort, due to a sharp increase in blood pressure. In addition, the antihypertensive effect of training using isometric loads is negligible. The expediency of creation of groups (clubs) where people obyedinilis not only for exercise but also for communication with other interests.

However, despite a clear understanding of the benefits of physical exercise, on the frightening statistical publications, to increase the number of poster appeals, many people, especially older than 40 years, does not deal with physical exercises regularly. They are more willing to do what it is pleasant and interesting but not that useful. Treatment of hypertension with the Buteyko method is similar to such training.

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