Chinese qigong for beginners

Chinese qigong for beginners

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health exercises, which dates back several millennia. Qigong hard to fit the concept of “gymnastics”. It’s an art, a philosophical system that includes physical exercises, special breathing practices, work with consciousness and the philosophical concept. Qigong is closely associated with Chinese martial arts, its elements are an integral part of it.

The basis of this type of exercise is the postulate about qi . which circulates in our body is the basis of our life and proper functioning of

the human body. Energy moves through our body along special channels or meridians. If the channel is locked, our bodies cannot work normally starts crashing, and then and diseases. So, at least, consider qigong adepts.

Millennial experience of recovery

There are many types and schools of gymnastics. Fighting qigong is the development of physical abilities, and medical qigong used to treat various diseases. There are qigong that are practiced by the adherents of different religious teachings.

This exercises suitable for people of any age and any level, has no contraindications or side effects. Doing qigong, you can not only improve your health but also better know yourself, your body and inner peace. Qigong is a path of personal growth and self-improvement.

If we talk about the therapeutic effect of this type of exercise – he is truly amazing. Qigong perceive our body as a holistic whole, rather than as a set of bodies. Using this practice you will be able to lose weight, forget about cardiovascular illnesses, cure your back and joints, normalize metabolism.

Examples of exercises

Here are some examples of simple exercises gymnastics qigong. By doing them, pay great attention to the breath, and try to completely focus on their implementation. Try clearing your mind of extraneous thoughts and feel the energy moving through your body. Qigong has hundreds, perhaps thousands of different exercises.

Exercise 1. Shaking.

Feet shoulder width apart. The body must relax. Rise on the toes, and then abruptly fall to the ground. When you present yourself as “bad” qi goes to the ground. Breathing freely. Exercise serves to relieve fatigue, relaxation, removal of negative energy.

Exercise 2. Lifting the sky.

Hands down, the hand and forearm form a straight angle, and the fingers are facing each other. Raise your hands forward and deeply and breathe smoothly. Raise your hands above your head and hold your breath, then look at your hands, gently lower them to the sides, exhale.

Feel the flow of energy that moves down the side of your body. Do exercise 10-12 times. Do it in the morning, after waking up.

Exercise 3. Keeping The Moon.

This is another simple exercise that according to experts qigong gives an amazing rejuvenating effect.

So. Stand up straight, maximum relax. Slowly bend forward and put your hands down. Your feet and hands should be straight. Feel how the energy rises through your body from the waist to the back.

Stand straight, raise your hands in front of him. Continue to lift my arms, and slowly and deeply inhale through the nose. Throwing her arms above her head, imagine that your index and big fingers you hold the moon. Arch your back and mentally move the moon. Don’t breathe a couple of seconds.

Straighten your body and lower your arms, breathe out. Imagine the qi energy turbulent flow passes through your body. Do 5-6 repeats.

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