Morning exercises a set of exercises for awakening

Morning exercises a set of exercises for awakening

Morning exercise is a very important element of the day. If you want to look hot, not tired and downcast, morning exercise, exercise program is for you. Physical activity, albeit minimal very useful.

Here are its pluses:

It improves blood circulation, thereby your body will Wake up much faster.

Due to all the exercise will improve your metabolism, will be better assimilated essential minerals.

Induces the production of endorphins endorphin.

The organism appears negative energy and toxins, stress is suppressed.

Increases concentration of attention, you the most happy.

Your muscles tightened and more toned, get a good physical tone.

Morning exercise for charging for the whole day

Start exercising you need small. Good place to start is to do morning exercises. Then you can connect a gym.

If you want morning exercise will give you energy and alertness, then start your day this way:

1. Waking up, stretch, don’t get up out of bed.

2. Smile surrounding and yourself.

3. Be sure to tell them all you get.

Exercises you can do while listening to your favorite tune.

The exercise program should begin with a warm-up. All exercises should be performed 3 to 10 approaches.

1.Start with the head.

-First, make head turns to the side — first right, then left.

-Tilting back and forth.

-Tilting head to right shoulder, then to your left.

— Perform circular movement from right to left.

Remember, do the movements slowly so that the neck vertebrae damage.

2. Next, move to the shoulders and arms.

-Begin the first rotation right shoulder.

-Rotate left shoulder.

-Now rotate both shoulders.

— Rotated by hand. Try to do more range.

We remind you, be careful not to make any sudden movements.

-Mahi: left hand below, right on top. Alternately perform.

-Bend at the elbows at chest level. First, quickly allot back then disclosed to the parties.

-Do «scissors»- hands you need to cross in front of chest. First, at the top left, then the right.

— Bend your elbows and rotate in different directions.

-Hands are stretched forward. Rotating the hands in opposite directions.

— Raise the hands. In watching them stretch.

3. Exercises for the torso.

-Tilts forward. Spreading her legs on the width of your shoulders. Bend down, hands try to reach the floor. The chest is put on your knees if possible.

-Rotate the body in turn to both parties. Hands on his belt.

-Tilts to the side. My left hand is on his belt, and his right hand over his head. Bent over, a look at hand. Further in the other direction.

4.Exercises for the legs.

-Hold onto the back of a chair. Legs swinging back and forth. The movements are smooth.

-Leg swings from side to side. Right foot first, then left.

-Shake slightly legs to relax the muscles.

-Performed squats (as many as you can).

-You must sit on the floor. Place the feet together. Tilting the torso forward. Try to touch his toes. Hold this position for a few minutes.

-Spread your legs apart. First drawn to the right leg and hold a pose, then the same with left leg.

— Rotate feet in both directions.

Got up, hands up, look at his hands and stretched. His hands lowered down through the sides.

We hope that the morning exercises, compound exercises will help you to be more energetic and feel in harmony with oneself and with the surrounding reality. Good luck!

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