How to run to lose weight the figure and the legs

How to run: start Jogging to lose weight

Jogging is an effective method reducing weight, so it is very important to know how to run: to lose weight, it is necessary to consider some nuances. In addition to losing pounds, following these simple rules, you will strengthen the muscles and joints, improve the General physical condition of the human body, protect the immune system and be less stressed.

The basics

Running is one of the most useful and accessible to everyone sports.

Besides the fact that it’s a completely free way of losing weight, regular exercise will benefit the body. Along with this there are practically no contraindications: even people suffering from flat feet, but wearing specially fitted shoes, running will benefit. It is important to remember how to run: to lose weight this way, you need to remember just two simple principles.

First: the average run should be about an hour. So long? During a 45 minute run, the body gets energy from glycogen (reserve carbohydrate). And only after this time, when the cells cease to produce sufficient amounts of glycogen, the energy begins to flow from adipose tissue. Therefore, during the 40-minute running you warm up the body and then 10-20 minutes of running to burn fat.

Second: running should be regular and balanced. It is important that lessons were perceptible load for you, inspiring a feeling of fatigue. That’s why experts recommended to increase the load, the pace and the classroom. In the opposite case occurs the addiction, and falling energy costs that will eventually lead to stop burning body fat.

Before a run listens to himself: if the pressure and normal health, you can safely begin the workout. Perform simple gymnastics before Jogging and stretching after will allow you to avoid painful sensations in the muscles.

Kinds of Jogging for weight loss

Running, along with the walk is the oldest and most natural form of physical activity. There are sports and regular types of this activity. Thus, the first divided into three categories: sprint, middle and long. By disciplines highlight the hurdles, sprint, relay running. Runs or running on the highway Dier in their long-distance, known as premaratne and marathons. This classification of running – the most common.

Running also can be distinguished according to a time parameter: morning, day and evening types. In different days Jogging affects us in different ways. Morning Jogging will help to bring the muscles and strengthen the nervous and immune systems. Daily running has a positive effect on overall health. And only evening running helps the fastest way to burn extra calories.

The rules of running for weight loss

For best results, you should remember the following rules about how to run for weight loss:

most importantly – run regularly. At least 3 times a week;

need to start gradually, gradually increasing the load on the body. Perfect Jogging for the first day – 15-20 minutes. Listen to your body, it will tell you about the possible strain;

to proceed to the regular jogs recommended in warm time of year, so the body will be easier to prepare for the onset of cold weather, and winter weather can’t stop your regular workouts;

it is best to use special lanes with rubber coating on the stadiums and also unpaved trails in the parks;

if you feel unwell, take a breather, change running sports pitch; alternate the types and speed of practice, the only way you will be able to find your perfect running program;

practice healthy eating habits: avoid alcohol and late meals, limit yourself to sweet, starchy, and fried.

Myths about running

Every, doing, sooner or later confronted with the fact that there are many opinions about the potential harm such activity. Getting rid of your misconceptions, you will be able to improve the quality of their training. There are a number of myths about the peculiarities of running:

“Need to run on an empty stomach”. Body to get the energy source during exercise. A light snack cereal for half an hour before physical activity will make your workout more productive and good for the body.

“While running the feet do not lose weight, but grow muscles”. No special techniques on how to run thinner legs, but there are simple physiological features of our body that need to be considered: alternate strain on all the muscles of the legs.

“The slower you run, the stronger lose weight. When power and speed workouts, your body develops the ability to consume oxygen and burn more calories.

“It is best to run in the morning.” An abrupt transition from the awake state to an active state leads to high loads on the heart. These frequent changes can lead to heart attacks.

Long Jogging there is a risk along with fat cells to start to lose muscle mass or, in the fitness of the language, to dry. The perfect solution to this situation – interval running: alternating max effort and rest.

Programs running for weight loss

In any program of running for weight loss exercise for abs and weight training. You can do any strength exercises that suit you the most. To know how to run to lose weight, devote spare time to the study of literature on this topic. Don’t listen to the advice of others, it is better to refer the matter to the professional coaches.

For beginners

Your body will take several months to feel the changes. To quickly log in sports rhythm and get rid of a couple extra pounds, you need to use the following program:

the Jogging frequency is not less than 2 times per week;

start to run 1-2 miles, after a month, increase the load by half;

wear athletic underwear, not leaky to increase breathing.

Fitness guru Amy Dixon has developed the following training program for weight loss: slowly begin to alternate Jogging and walking, so you will be able to escape within 30 minutes without stopping.

Sophisticated versions

To run firmly into your weekly program of activities, schedule of Jogging and stick to it. Be prepared for the fact that the first three weeks you will have to exercise willpower. Here need your knowledge on how to run to lose weight will require involvement in the process, commit to a weekly increase of the load.

It proved program of interval running with alternating activity (the week ordinal plan Jogging – the duration of the workout):

1 week – 1 minute run, 2 minute walk – 21 minutes;

week 2 – 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking – 20 minutes;

3 week – 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking for 20 minutes.

The dangers and contraindications

At first glance, running may seem like the safest way of losing weight. But this is not entirely true. Very often, beginners are very concerned about the question of how to lose weight: how to start running? But the most important aspect of any sport is based on its safety. Despite the fact that Jogging will benefit almost everyone, there are a small number of contraindications . What can be dangerous running and how to avoid it:

running is not permitted to those who have the disorders, and diseases of the cardiovascular system, spinal injuries, acute diseases, varicose veins – people better start walking outdoors;

breathing while running should be natural, unfounded following arithmetic can lead to poor health and weakness;

if you live in a big city and prefer to run into the foggy streets, you have the risk to make the initial stage of asthma – exercise only in the parks, learn more about the air quality around your home;

impact stress on the joints promotes the wear of the intervertebral discs and cartilage – do not use for Jogging the pavement.

The best way to understand which of the existing training programs is right for you, will try them all. Don’t forget the good mood during class, bring your player with your favorite music. The right attitude will help to achieve great success. And, most importantly, run and lose weight with pleasure!

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