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Sessions on the elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers for over 10 years delight us with their efficiency. Over this period they evolved from bulky, not always the most convenient machines in a compact and very popular trainers.

Now none of the gym is not complete without this equipment. And this is not surprising, because many people now prefer it during the cardio.

So what do we give classes on the elliptical trainer? First, this

equipment is one of the few that gives cardio, not have a heavy impact on knee and ankle joints. After all, with elliptical range of motion leg is constantly in a bent condition, which prevents an undesirable load.

Secondly, exercise on the elliptical trainer uses all major muscle groups (legs, buttocks, hips, arms, shoulders, chest and spinal cord). When doing the movements of all parts of the body are synchronized, they are given the feeling of “airiness” and smoothness.

Elliptical trainer is a very simple device, so all intuitive how to engage it. It should be remembered that, like any exercise, this also should begin with a warm-up. With the built-in computer that you can program yourself a small load to start to warm up unprepared muscles, and then gradually increase. Completing the classes, it is also desirable to gradually reduce the intensity of exercise, not to go with the simulator sharply at the moment of maximum load.

The convenience of home elliptical trainers is that You can choose the best selection, and You don’t have to adjust opening hours of gyms. However, note that training on the elliptical trainer should be done no earlier than 2 hours after waking, and not later than 2 hours before bedtime. Also, it is recommended to wait after eating for some time (not less than 2 hours), and at the end of training to refrain from eating at least an hour.

A big plus exercises on the elliptical exercise machines is the possibility of reverse movement. Due to the backward movement You employ not only the muscles involved in exercises with other cardio machines, but many other muscle groups.

It is worth noting that once you start on the elliptical trainer, You will get a noticeable effect only in case, if your workouts will be regular. Don’t be lazy, after all the exercises on the elliptical trainer as simple and incredibly effective. In this case, each should remember that it is not necessary to reboot at the first lesson. For beginners the need to maintain heart rate at around 110-120 beats per minute. Further, if possible, gradually increase its value.

If You have already mastered how to train on the elliptical trainer, it is easy to independently make up your own program and know how to check the pulse rate using the built-in handle sensors, You will easily be able to track such an important indicator as “pulse load” or “stress pulse. It is measured 10 minutes after the start of classes.

Training program on the elliptical trainer must be tailored to the indications of Your stress pulse. For starters, this value should not exceed 65-70 % of your maximum age-related heart rate (IMP). While improving physical training it can reach 80%. Maximum age-related heart rate can be determined by the formula: 220 subtract your age. The resulting value is your profit center.

How to exercise on the elliptical trainer, with what intensity and load – entirely personalised indicators. We can only say that it is desirable to hold at least 2 training sessions a week of at least 35 minutes.

Like any sports equipment, giving cardio, elliptical trainers bring huge benefits to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. High aerobic exercise allows you to develop endurance. Through regular practice, your muscles will get more much needed oxygen, and accordingly, will decrease the threshold of their fatigue.

Many women are starting to exercise on the elliptical trainers, do not want to abandon this activity and during pregnancy. And it’s not necessary. It is important to note that to avoid strenuous physical activity should be the first and last two months of the period. The rest of the time, of course, necessary to reduce the intensity of training compared with usual training times 1.5 – 2. The frequency of training should not be reduced. To exercise on the elliptical trainers in pregnancy is necessary, as before, at least 2-3 times a week. From one-time training will be of little avail.

As such, contraindications to the practice on the elliptical trainer no. But, certainly, it is necessary to monitor the load and the condition in the if You

suffer from hypertension with frequent crises, tachycardia, thrombophlebitis;

have severe cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes;

notice at the attacks of cardiac asthma, angina;

are at the acute stage of infectious disease;

at the time of the workout feel a sharp pain in the heart, severe dyspnea or shortness of breath.

In this article, we told You about how to use an elliptical machine, what muscles it develops, what benefits and how to achieve maximum results. Training on this equipment is very simple, but incredibly effective. You can carry out daily workouts, without fear of damaging the joints.

Company directory “CCM” there is an incredibly rich selection of elliptical trainers. Here You can pick the perfect option in terms of functionality and cost, and the quality of equipment is always at the highest level.

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