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Every person strives for perfection. What you need to do to improve health and reduce weight? The answers to these questions are relevant for people of different ages. Regular workouts in the gym under the guidance of an experienced coach can achieve good results, but, how often do you train? If for some reasons you can’t constantly go to the gym, enough to buy a bike and join the active sports activities at home.

Who benefits from an exercise bike

Powerful health benefits from its use are guaranteed, but only if the training will be systematic. An exercise bike for the house, it is

recommended to buy those:

Was engaged in active sports during the warm season, and unwilling to lose shape during the winter;

Most of my time is at work and has no opportunity Continue reading

Best elliptical trainer for home

Best elliptical trainer for home

Elliptical trainers are considered the best for cardio. Such simulators are required for those who wish to quickly lose weight. Many people prefer to exercise at home, because to practice in the gym is required to allocate a special watch, but at home you can get lessons at any convenient time. An elliptical trainer allows you to repeat those actions that a person performs in life: running, up the stairs, Cycling and skiing. Best elliptical trainer for home is not easy to define, it is necessary to know the difference between the proposed models.

Types of elliptical exercise machines

Usually all simulators of this type are divided into several types:




Ellipticals — mechanized, easy to use, they are driven to those who it does. For many they are an ideal option, as are inexpensive, are room and they do not consume electricity. However, they Continue reading

Routes and maps

What happens in the human body when.

What happens in the body when conditions change in the external environment or physical activity? First of all is the adaptation (adaptation) of an organism to changed conditions, i.e., changing the rate of biological reactions. In the phenomenon of adaptation identify qualitative and quantitative components. The quantitative component is expressed in a continuous variation of the number of active structures. In normal conditions of functioning of the body “works” only a small part of the functional structures, ensuring its normal functioning. The load includes backup structure, the load reduction leads to a decrease in the number of

structures with active biosynthesis. This principle has been called alternately (asynchronous) work of the same structures. It is fair for all levels – from molecular to systemic. For longer loads, and the more constantly increasing, are incorporated in all new patterns; when there is insufficient inclusion of all structures, there is an increase in their number, i.e. the construction Continue reading


Victoria Soboleva: “Fitness is not leisure, it’s a lifestyle”

Victoria SOBOLEVA was a member of Komsomol age, when he became a pioneer in small business. Managed to find the most fresh impetus, to develop a “gold mine”, to survive, and even become one of the most popular businesswoman. Now she is the Director of the Forum of healthy leisure “Fitness-Moscow-2007”, the Director of the fitness festival “F2” on the Cup of the mayor of Moscow, Director of the Moscow youth games “Olympic hopes”-2007/2008 for the Cup of mayor of Moscow. How it all began,

Victoria Soboleva told in interview to the correspondent “MB” Lilies of the KAMYSHEVAYA.

— You were one of the first cooperatives of Moscow. And during Continue reading

How to breathe correctly during trenirovok

How to breathe during exercise?

Man is capable of much. His achievements, if you look at them from a more detached, just amazing. And it is not only about nanotechnology and advances in the field of genetic engineering, but also about their own records of man as a biological species, such that amaze others. We all have witnessed so many athletes blow warmer, and they burst. Ninety-year-old Japanese grannies blow tobagi, and gold bolts from them, flying fifty meters. Old grandfather for ten days Jogging covers the distance from Kirov to Moscow. A diver for pearls spends under water ten minutes, although by the end of this time, the oxygen in his blood remains so much

that he was already five times how to die.

How you achieve these results? How do people Continue reading

Chinese qigong for beginners
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Morning exercises a set of exercises
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Good form for the summer training plan
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