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Breathing exercises Strelnikova exercises, video

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Else since the ancient yogis was believed that proper breathing is able to cure many diseases. The proposed exercises are very effective, however, due to inaccuracies of the translation of some of the “pranayam”, sometimes it becomes difficult to properly perform the exercises and to achieve the desired effect. An alternative could be the methodology proposed by the Russian voice teacher A. N. Strelnikova.

Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova – author of a number of breathing exercises to combat diseases of the respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, neuroses, diabetes and many others. The owner of the patent “Method for treating diseases associated with loss of voice”.

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How to stop drinking beer life sober

How to stop drinking beer: life sober

Beer alcoholism is a serious problem, since most people believe the use of this low-alcohol drink is the norm. If a person drinks a glass of quality beer on special occasions, not more than two or three times a year, this is hardly a serious problem. If the dose consumed alcohol above at times, and drinking became a daily ritual, we should seriously think about how to stop drinking beer.

The insidiousness of beer alcoholism is that a person becomes addicted absolutely not noticeable to himself. The first step on the path to

success is awareness of the problem. It is useful to mention what the consequences of a man who quit drinking beer.

The positive side of abstinence from alcohol

Cost savings. Undoubtedly, the man who quit drinking beer, saves their money, thereby increasing the material well-being.

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How to choose a treadmill

How to choose a treadmill

Workouts on treadmills – the most common way to get rid of excess weight. After all, running is privicy for humans load. While running, speeds up metabolism, burn fats and increase overall endurance.

Before you buy a treadmill, you must decide, mechanical You need a treadmill, or electric. What be determined, it is necessary to inquire,

what are their main differences, and how substantial it is.

Mechanical treadmill

In mechanical treadmill, treadmill belt rotates the leg muscles of a person. Such a movement is not very in line with the natural process of running on the ground, because human walking from a mechanical point of view is a series of controlled falls, allowing us to save energy. But Jogging or running track requires constant effort. The differences in mechanical treadmills can be in the system load tape. Magnetic braking Continue reading

Endurance athletes

The way endurance athletes

In addition to endurance, the drugs mimic the effects of exercise have a beneficial effect on the treatment of some diseases of the muscles, such as exhaustion, weakness, inability to perform physical exercise, and obesity and a number of related metabolic disorders, getting rid of them contributing to sports.

Previous studies of genetically modified mice in the laboratory, Evans showed that the constant activation of the genetic switch known as PPAR Delta (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor), turned the mice into a

tireless marathon. In addition to supervisorial modified mice did not gain weight even when they were given high-calorie food, the use of which causes obesity in the normal mice. In addition to his skinny physique, improved response to insulin, decreased levels of circulating Continue reading

How effective is treadmill to lose weight

How effective is treadmill to lose weight?

Fast walking on a treadmill is a great tool for weight loss and has recently become increasingly popular. Treadmill is particularly effective for those wishing to lose weight in the case where other types of sports are contraindicated (for example, power load after the birth of a child), as well helps to burn fats, but at the same time does not lead to overload and injury. The treadmill is also convenient for those who just loves to play sports. But you need to keep in mind if you set out to lose weight by walking on a treadmill, to achieve tangible results need to walk on a treadmill every day or at least five days a week.

How often should I train on a treadmill?

To train on a treadmill we recommend at least 30 minutes a day. Fitness trainers say that you need at least Continue reading

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