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Elliptical trainer

Elliptical machine — reviews. Is there a slimming effect?

Hello everyone!

If you are thinking of buying a treadmill for home, then you definitely heard about the “ellipsoids” — this type of exercise equipment in recent years has become one of the most popular and competes on a par with treadmills and exercise bikes.

This article contains reviews of people who already use elliptical trainers. Perhaps they will be useful for you and help determine the

choice of equipment for a home gym.

Elliptical trainer for weight loss – reviews on women’s forums.

When bought beginning for an hour walk, read a book parallel to or watched TV. After a week realized that the effect of such training zero. Scheme was changed Continue reading

Good form for the summer training plan

Good shape for the summer: training plan

Everything in our world comes unexpectedly. Heating season, new year and summer. So we always are ready neither to the first nor to the second and none the third. But each time is very desperately trying to rectify the situation, thus contributing to the already hectic another dose of vanity. Therefore, the preparation of the body for the summer, we are going to talk now. A few days before the onset of autumn. In fact, we begin to prepare ourselves for the beach season is also autumn.

I can’t claim any objectivity in this matter. Because you never trained

the people to appear on the beaches. But in my life experience I know that begin such preparation is good, if in March. And often in may. Likewise my experience of fitness and basic knowledge to enable me to conclude that if in 12 months you want to devote Continue reading

Workout in the morning benefit or harm

Workout in the morning: benefit or harm?

I dread to think of the morning exercises in the summer camp and school physical education the first lesson? Eight in the morning, eyes open, hands do not move, all left feet and you’re driven to take the cross and Crouch until you’re blue. After this start the day feeling bad – heart pounding, and the sight of the blur circles.

Heart wakes up

– When we sleep, the blood circulates slowly and becomes thick, the heart is

resting and rarely knocks, ” explains fitness instructor Wellness Center L l’hirondelle, Revaz LUBENETS. Therefore, when rang the alarm, do not jump out of bed and do not rush to pull the shoes. “Wake” yourself gradually. Remember how behave wise cats and dogs Continue reading

Useful properties of hazelnut

How useful hazelnuts?

Nuts – a favorite delicacy of many people. And of all the nuts of the hazelnut is a favorite. This hazelnut experienced a great glaciation, in many countries it is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, defended the ancient people from the dark forces. Now its popularity is very high, especially in cooking, it is added to milk and dark chocolate. ice cream, milkshakes and other treats. However, the useful properties of hazelnut expression only in case of its nucleus to eat in solid form.

The use of hazelnut.

In 100 grams of hazelnuts contains 704 calories, what makes this nut a lot patelnie than milk. meat, fish and bread. But apart from high energy value properties of hazelnuts due to the fact that it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Using the same 100 grams of hazelnuts, your body gets about 280 mg of calcium, Continue reading

Morning exercises a set of exercises

Morning exercises

You know, not so long ago I discovered a wonderful way to stay healthy practically all day. And the activity is so powerful that you won’t need one of 7 ways to motivate yourself to work. This method, to tell you the truth, I always knew and even tried to apply it. Prepare to bet that as a child you were forced to do it. Yes – it’s morning exercises.

Now and not count how many times I tried to force myself to start the day productively. But the brain and the subconscious mind was always smarter and bowed me to the dark side in sleep. Sometimes the excuses were so

delusional that if I was fully awake, just would laugh at them. However, in the morning I nothing remained but to accept them.

However, in the last months of 2011 I finally decided to get serious and started to implement in the daily habit of charging in the morning. Continue reading

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