Swimming in osteochondrosis of the benefits and features

Swimming in osteochondrosis


One of the most prevalent diseases of our time is osteochondrosis. Today it affects people from a young age, leading them to disability before reaching adulthood. Today, medicine offers a variety of ways of treatment of this disease, is no exception and swimming in osteochondrosis, which is one of the components of physical therapy.

It should be noted that the therapeutic and sports complex is one of the

most effective options of treatment. With its help it is possible to achieve much more positive results than with medical treatment. However, it should be said that this complex must be made by the treating specialist as a standalone treatment by gymnastics, and may well aggravate the situation.

It’s no secret that fast treatment involves the use of different methods, which together constitute a comprehensive treatment. In the case of osteochondrosis in the comprehensive Continue reading

Workout strength and endurance

Workout strength and endurance

From the book “the Fitness Club”

This form of exercise stimulates the entire metabolism. Then your muscles and at rest consumes more power. With regular training you will become more and more workable in General.

Your basal metabolism increases, which means that in normal nutrition you slowly but continuously lose weight. Reason: training strength and endurance lead to an increase in the number of so-called mitochondria.

Mitochondria are components of the muscle cell in which body fat from the stock split and converted into energy. The increase in the number of mitochondria at the same time means increased basal metabolism.

Workout strength and endurance should also be long, but they vary in intensity, which is not necessarily the same. Allowed the intensity between 60% and, for a brief time, 92% of the maximum your heart rate.

For training strength and endurance the same good sports, and for aerobic exercise: Jogging, walking, Cycling, swimming, skiing, skating, step aerobics, slide aerobics, Aqua-aerobics. Ideal for training Continue reading

How to choose a treadmill for doma

The guidelines for choosing a treadmill for home

1. Take into account driving force

As economy version for fitness at home is quite suitable mechanical treadmill, the driving force in which the athlete performs. The beginning of the movement “dispersed” of the fabric, and stop leads to inhibition of the track. Their main purpose – walking at a gradually accelerating rate, as set speed records on such a simulator is unlikely. Their economy – not the only advantage of the unit not less valuable and more quality – compactness and mobility, freeing up space in the

apartment at the time when the equipment is not needed for outdoor activities.

Display mechanical tracks outputs the values of the reached speed, exercise time, distance covered and calories burned. Such units can do all of whose weight does not exceed 100 kg.

One of the varieties of mechanical trainer – magnetic Continue reading

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is medicine for body and soul!

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is medicine for body and soul!

Flowing and graceful movements of tai Chi are not only fascinating, but also lead to the harmony of physical and spiritual state of a person.

This ancient Chinese practice of development of mind and body and includes a soft martial art, and a dynamic form of meditation, and a unique system of healing and rejuvenation.

A wonderful style of tai Chi available to all, regardless of age, sex and

state of health. Its harmonious, soft movements develop balance, concentration, awareness of movement and harmony of the senses. In this system exercises a person do not need to use physical force.

The execution of the form of tai Chi resembles a graceful dance, and smoothly flowing movement is like a slow flow of water.

Typical gymnastics alternation calm, slow steps with Continue reading

How to run correctly and where to start

How to run correctly and where to start

Since running is one of the most natural kinds of traffic, but in our modern world people have become so distant from nature that has forgotten how to run properly, so most people learn to do this again.

People millions of years evolved, now our body was in perfect shape, and our feet have the perfect foot. Besides, who wants to start running, just need to learn how to use these tools.

Incidentally, the African runners who have excellent technique of running, a

child does not have shoes and learn to run barefoot. Now we can only admire the elegant style and efficient running technique these people.

Correct running technique, you will be able to run much faster, and you will learn to tread softly and will not receive injuries even on hard surfaces.

Correct running technique

How to hold hands

You should Continue reading

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is medicine for body and soul!
Chinese gymnastics tai Chi is medicine for body and soul! Flowing and graceful movements of tai Chi are not only fascinating, but also lead to the harmony of physical and…

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