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Part six of Chapter eighth of Physical exertion

Part six Chapter eight: Physical activity

However, be aware that dynamic exercise produced in the supine position, cause a sharper rise in blood pressure than the same for gravity loads in a sitting or standing position. So lying can carry only light loads hands, feet, breathing exercises. Breathing exercises with hyperventilation and spend sitting. When conducting standing up may occur a rapid and marked reduction in blood pressure with deterioration of blood supply of the brain and loss of balance. Untrained or seriously ill prior to the appointment of therapeutic physical training involves massage. In further self-massage. This improves not only local but also General blood

circulation, has a beneficial reflex effect on the Central nervous system.

The importance of the psychological aspect of practice. There Continue reading

Chinese qigong for beginners

Chinese qigong for beginners

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health exercises, which dates back several millennia. Qigong hard to fit the concept of “gymnastics”. It’s an art, a philosophical system that includes physical exercises, special breathing practices, work with consciousness and the philosophical concept. Qigong is closely associated with Chinese martial arts, its elements are an integral part of it.

The basis of this type of exercise is the postulate about qi . which circulates in our body is the basis of our life and proper functioning of

the human body. Energy moves through our body along special channels or meridians. If the channel is locked, our bodies cannot work normally starts crashing, and then and diseases. So, at least, consider qigong adepts.

Millennial experience of recovery

There are many types and schools of gymnastics. Fighting qigong is the development of physical abilities, and medical qigong used to treat various diseases. There are qigong that are practiced by the adherents Continue reading

Morning exercises a set of exercises for awakening

Morning exercises a set of exercises for awakening

Morning exercise is a very important element of the day. If you want to look hot, not tired and downcast, morning exercise, exercise program is for you. Physical activity, albeit minimal very useful.

Here are its pluses:

It improves blood circulation, thereby your body will Wake up much faster.

Due to all the exercise will improve your metabolism, will be better assimilated essential minerals.

Induces the production of endorphins endorphin.

The organism appears negative energy and toxins, stress is suppressed.

Increases concentration of attention, you the most happy.

Your muscles tightened and more toned, get a good physical tone.

Morning exercise for charging for the whole day

Start exercising you need small. Good place to start is to do morning exercises. Then you can connect a gym.

If you want morning exercise will give you energy and alertness, then start your day this way:

1. Waking up, stretch, Continue reading

How to run to lose weight the figure and the legs

How to run: start Jogging to lose weight

Jogging is an effective method reducing weight, so it is very important to know how to run: to lose weight, it is necessary to consider some nuances. In addition to losing pounds, following these simple rules, you will strengthen the muscles and joints, improve the General physical condition of the human body, protect the immune system and be less stressed.

The basics

Running is one of the most useful and accessible to everyone sports.

Besides the fact that it’s a completely free way of losing weight, regular exercise will benefit the body. Along with this there are practically no contraindications: even people suffering from flat feet, but wearing specially fitted shoes, running will benefit. It is important to remember how to run: to lose weight this way, you need to remember just two simple principles.

First: the average run should be about an hour. So long? During a 45 minute run, the body gets energy from glycogen (reserve carbohydrate). And only after this Continue reading

Elliptical trainer, exercise

Sessions on the elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers for over 10 years delight us with their efficiency. Over this period they evolved from bulky, not always the most convenient machines in a compact and very popular trainers.

Now none of the gym is not complete without this equipment. And this is not surprising, because many people now prefer it during the cardio.

So what do we give classes on the elliptical trainer? First, this

equipment is one of the few that gives cardio, not have a heavy impact on knee and ankle joints. After all, with elliptical range of motion leg is constantly in a bent condition, which prevents an undesirable load.

Secondly, exercise on the elliptical trainer uses all major muscle groups (legs, buttocks, hips, arms, shoulders, chest and spinal cord). Continue reading

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